Top 5 Web Series In Mx Player

Top 5 Web Series In Mx Player

Don’t miss these top 5 web series in mx player, today i will discuss this top 5 mx player web series to watch. scroll down the full web series list below.

Top 5 Web Series In Mx Player List:

  • Montu Pilot
  • Once Upon A Crime
  • Hankaar
  • High
  • Mastram

Here the some details about the top 5 web series in mx player.

Montu Pilot:

montu pilot

Montu Pilot is the list of top 5 web series in mx player the story of Every man has a desire in life, and we all work really hard to make that dream come true. However, occasionally, chance wants to offer us something else that we never would have even dreamed. And in the Bengali web series Montu Pilot, Montu is a poor youngster who has wanted to be a pilot since he was a little child.

However, luck has other plans for him, and when he is stranded in the region known as Neelikothi, it reveals Montu’s real name. introduces you to life, you will meet several personalities for the first time, causing them to bond even more. These 9 episodes, which can be seen in one 20-minute session, are available in Hindi on Mx Player.

Once Upon A Crime:

The character of the Bengali web series Once Upon A Crime, Sabdo Sinha, experiences something close to how we all feel when we achieve something significant and do not want to lose it under any situation. While suffering from Alzheimer’s illness and fleeing America, Kolkata visits his friend’s doctor to receive treatment. However, as soon as the writer Saab enters Kolkata, he must deal with odd and poor things that will occur in the year 2020.

The series is made even more entertaining by the camera’s consistent beautiful style, which will keep you watching. 30 Minutes / 7 Episodes on MX player You may watch the Hindi-language Phsyco Thriller Web Series with your family.

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Everyone wants to achieve their dreams while living in a large city like Mumbai, and for the majority of people, this is the best method to make money. However, after watching Hankaar, the third most popular web series, your outlook on Mumbai changes. You may download this 18+ series on Mx Player, which is a hacking web series crime of 2018 with 10 episodes and 20 minutes. The plot is about 5 different people from Mumbai who use bad activities as a method of income.


The high of 5 will satisfy your desire to see the darkness hidden behind drugs and medications. This intoxication is a good example of how the face of the world of intoxication looks since it costs thousands of dollars to get one or two grammes of powder. The story takes place during this time, when the brothers switched from smuggling gold to smuggling narcotics. The acting and background music in this series from 2020 are its strong points. This web series for adults (18+) has 9 episodes, each lasting 40 minutes, and is available on Mx Player for free.

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Mastram of No 4 is a must-watch if you’re tired of watching criminal thriller and suspense movies and want to switch to a romance web series. Mastram’s character is given life by Anshuman Jha, who you may see on the mx player web series.