Top 10 Hottest Female Fitness Models India

Top 10 Hottest Female Fitness Models India

Are you looking for hottest female fitness models india? If so, check out this list of the top 10 female fitness models india.

The new trend in India is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to fitness, Indian female models are usually at the top of the list. Indian women who are healthy and powerful are inspired by some of the country’s hot fitness models. A good example of this is to follow the short-listed Indian female fitness models. As we go down the list.

Top 10 Hottest Female Fitness Models India List:

  1. Aditi Mistry
  2. Anjali Kapoor
  3. VJ Bani
  4. Ankita Singh
  5. Yashmeen Manak Chauhan
  6. Shivani Gupta
  7. Shweta Rathore
  8. Namrata Purohit
  9. Pavi Padukone
  10. Richa Shah

Here the short biography of top 10 hottest fitness models

Aditi Mistry:

Aditi Mistry hot Indian fitness model

Top 10 rank of hot Indian fitness model, trainer, and social media influencer is Aditi Mistry. Even at the young age of 21, she keeps a beautiful figure and incredible fitness. Aditi Mistry was born in Gujarat, India, on July 26, 2000. Aditi earned more than one million Instagram followers as a result of her impressive celebrity for her beautiful pictures and fitness routine. Sahil Khan, the owner of Divine Nutrition, has collaborated with this gorgeous fitness model to promote the products on her social media accounts. Aditi Mistry is a fitness model who regularly attends the gym in addition to acting as a model in many shows. She attentively takes care of her body.

Anjali Kapoor:

Anjali Kapoor hottest female fitness models india

Anjali Kapoor is a well-known fitness model who also has certifications as a Gold’s Gym trainer, a yoga enthusiast, a YouTuber, and a social media influencer. Social media accounts for this fitness model, who was born in Delhi in 1994, attracted a sizable following. She is a rising star in the fitness fashion industry and one of the hottest Indian fitness models. She is an accomplished athlete, a yoga teacher, and a specialist in MMA and aerobics. She like acting, travelling, working out, and vlogging in addition to modelling. She has connections with well-known businesses and promotes a number of cosmetics, which has helped her gain popularity.

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VJ Bani:

VJ Bani hottest female fitness models india

As of 2022, Gurbani Judge, often known as VJ Bani, is widely regarded as the most beautiful and sexy fitness model in India. She has also worked on MTV India as an actor, host, and presenter. She was born on November 29, 1987, in Chandigarh, India.

The MTV Roadies, the 10th season of Bigg Boss, and the fourth season of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi all featured VJ Bani in prominent roles. Aap Kaa Surroor: The Real Luv Story, Zorawar, Thikka, and Four More Shots Please all featured this hot Indian female fitness model. She sponsors the exercise app Mobifit as well as the nutrition and sports brand Myprotein. Her beautiful pictures and exercise videos on Instagram and Facebook attract millions of fans.

Ankita Singh:

Ankita Singh hottest female fitness models india

Ankita Singh is an Indian female fitness influencer who is well-known on social media. She encourages people to exercise since she likes it. She was crowned Miss Karnataka and was born in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in India. She is presently one of the most well-liked fitness models in India.

Ankita Singh mostly made money from modelling, fitness instruction, and promote ads. Her followers on social media sites continue to be engaged by her sexy and bold pictures. She collaborates with numerous reputable brands, including Snapdeal, Amazon, and others, and promotes a number of beauty items. She enjoys acting, dancing, blogging, and travelling in addition to modelling. She keeps up her perfect physique, which is seen in her beautiful looks.

Yashmeen Manak Chauhan:

Yashmeen Manak Chauhan hottest female fitness models india

Yashmeen Manak Chauhan is a bodybuilder from India who also works as an entrepreneur, fitness model, and trainer. Yashmeen was born on March 21, 1979, in Delhi, India. One of the most well-known Indian fitness models in 2022, she won gold medals in two categories: women’s fitness and women’s bodybuilding.

Yashmeen is now the entrepreneur of the Sculpt gym in Gurgaon, where 300+ boys and girls receive training each month. For more than 17 years, she has been competing in bodybuilding, making records in the 160 kg weightlifting, and taking home the 2005 Mrs. India Gladrags Best Body award. She also holds the 2016 IFBB Miss India and IFBB Miss Asia Bronze crowns.

Shivani Gupta:

Shivani Gupta hottest female fitness models india

Shivani Gupta is a well-known model, influencer, fitness teacher, bodybuilder, and social media influencer in India. She immediately gained tremendous levels of popularity within the fitness community. She was born on October 12, 1994, in Delhi, India.

The 2019 Ms. Asia (Bronze) and Ms. Delhi (YMCA) winners, respectively, received the Silver and Gold Ms. Asia and Ms. Vijay Classic awards. Over 1.5 million people follow this hot Indian female fitness model on Instagram. She is a national youth icon who instructs students both offline and online and who has a YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers. She advertises numerous health supplement and fitness-related product or brands.

Shweta Rathore:

hottest female fitness models india Shweta Rathore

One more of India’s most well-known and hottest fitness models in 2022 is Shweta Rathore. She is an engineer, owns Fitness Forever Pvt Ltd, and competes in professional sports. She won a bronze medal in 2014, making history as the first Indian woman to do so. The following year, she was named Miss World for Fitness Beauty. When she won Miss India Physique Sports Winner three years in a row, in 2015, 2016, and 2017, this 49th Asian champion made history. Shweta is the first Indian representative for Muscletech and is a fan of the Avvatar product range. Shweta is the owner of the NGO Gods’ Beautiful Child and an avid fitness fanatic.

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Namrata Purohit:

hottest female fitness models india Namrata Purohit

Pilates trainer, writer, and celebrity fitness advisor Namrata Purohit. She was born on August 24, 1993, in Mumbai, India. At age 16, she was the world’s youngest certified Stott Pilates instructor. In addition to offering Pilates, Purohit and her father’s Pilates facility also include a room for altitude training.

Namrata was selected as an official coach for the Mumbai City team Fan Club in 2014 and shares formal responsibility for the Femina Miss India finalists with her father. The certified Barre teacher mentors Bollywood stars, public personalities, and sports starting at a very young age. Her book The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit was on sale in bookshops when she was just 21. She inspires other women to continue being active and fearless.

Pavi Padukone:

Pavi Padukone is a bodybuilder, model, certified fitness trainer, and yoga teacher. She is ranked number five among the top 10 hottest Indian fitness models. In several international contests, including the INBA Women’s Physique in 2018 and the INBA Bikini Diva Asia, Olympia in 2019, she has represented India.

This fitness-focused Indian woman has appeared in various music videos, short films, and advertising. She is a brand ambassador for and Onelifeindia. She offers her extensive understanding of diet and wellness on her social media accounts along with her shocking films and images.

Richa Shah:

Richa Shah is top 10 list of the hottest fitness models in India. She is an actor and a lifestyle blogger in addition to being a fitness model. On May 7, 1990, she was born in Mumbai, India. You may follow her exercises, training videos, and beautiful images on her social media profiles. She also promotes a lot of brands.

She is a models and enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga, and taking trips. In a number of fitness-related blogs, she has urged readers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.This popular hottest female fitness models enjoys visiting exotic locales like Bali, Indonesia, and the sharing her fantastic experiences with her fans while frequently visiting the Maldives.