Nandini Gupta Femina Miss India 2023


Nandini Gupta Femina Miss India 2023, 19 year old Nandini Gupta of Rajasthan, Kota has been selected Miss India 2023. Nandini was officially named the Femina Miss India World 2023 earlier this evening. Her intelligence and beauty took the nation by surprise.

Nandini Gupta Femina Miss India 2023:

At the big finale ceremony on April 15, Nandini Gupta won the golden title. The Indoor Stadium, Khuman Lampak, Imphal, Manipur, hosted the 59th edition of the most famous beauty contest in India. The 30-state champions appeared in a collection by Namrata Joshipura for Trends, Rocky Star, and Robert Naorem exhibiting traditional clothes during the event’s several rounds of fashion scenes.

The Femina Miss India 2023 event featured performances by previous pageant winners Sini Shetty, Rubal Shekhawat, Shinata Chauhan, Manasa Varanasi, Manika Sheokand, Manya Singh, Suman Rao, and Shivani Jadhav.

Nandini Gupta Biography:

Nandini Gupta, a 19-year-old from Kota, Rajasthan, who was named Femina Miss India 2023 in a historic event in Imphal’s Indoor Stadium, has captured the nation’s hearts with her beauty and intelligence. She won the 59th season of India’s most prestigious pageant, capping off an incredible journey to the top.

Nandini Said In An Interview:

Sir Ratan Tata, a guy who does everything for mankind and gives the majority of his wealth to charity, is the most significant figure in my life. Millions of people respect you, and you’re always grounded,” Nandini said in an interview with the pageant.

In addition to mentioning Ratan Tata, Nandini also discussed how Priyanka Chopra encouraged her to enter the Miss India contest. India received appreciation on both a national and international level because of Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000, who earned the title at a young age. She succeeded as an actor while also contributing to society. She motivates others, has a fantastic sense of humour, and is excited about gaining more as she advances, she explained.


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