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Top 10 Most Watch Ullu Hot Web Series 2022: Today we are going to tell you about the 10 Ullu Hot Web Series 2022. So let’s choose which online series is the finest. See the full article to learn what makes this moment special.

Top 10 Hot Web Series 2022 in Ullu App, Hottest Web Series of 2022:

In today’s post we are going to tell about Top Hottest Web Series Top 10 Ullu Hot Web Series 2022, Every Ullu web series has an exciting story. Nowadays, more people are watching and enjoying the owl web series. If you enjoy watching Ullu web series, here is a list of the top 10 in terms of viewership for the year 2022. Keep reading to see the full list.

CharmSukh Chawl House 2


This list of the top 12 most popular and accessed websites from the past 12 months includes the Ullu app chawl home element 2. The tale of this web series has been picked up from the end of the first, and it has made her brother and sister secretly fall for each other. OTP’s extremely well-known actress Sneha Paul plays the lead part. A similarly exciting story can be found on the Ullu App. K’s sister-in-law helped him fall in love, and his brother found out about their relationship.

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Main 4


Ullu web series Charmsukh Jane Anjane Main 4. This was also released on the Ullu app on May 26, 2022. Deepak Dutta Sharma, Lalit Dixit, Dinesh Vidya, and Genie Jazz are among the actors who appear in this online series. This online drama revolves around a family whose members include a daughter-in-law, a husband, and siblings. You can watch every episode of this web series on Ullu App. The Ghar ka Chota Boy catches Chandni and her father-in-law in a video and blackmails Chandni. The boy’s simplest demand is what gives the drama its twist.

Gaon ki Garmi 2


In the list of the Top Ullu Hot Web Series Viewed in the Past 12 Months is Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 Net Series. which is absolutely extremely hot with passion and drama. It was released on the Ullu App on January 7, 2022. Mahi Kaur, Raagi, Shabaz Abdullah Badi, and Anupam are among the cast members of the Gaon Ki Garmi 2 web series.

The heroines of this web series are Mami (Mahi Kor) and Mama. Mami is saddened by her husband’s cold courtship, but as Mansi and Madan arrive, her life becomes cheerful once more, and she hopes that this happens. that on Mama’s day, some wishes will come true.

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Kavita Bhabhi Season 3


The incredibly well-liked net series this year also includes Kavita Bhabhi Season 3, Element 4. The online television series Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Element 4 was rife with romance and turmoil. This became available on the Ullu App on March 22, 2022.

The main characters in this online series are Kavita Radheshyam, Shaan Mishra, Rekha Mona Sarkar, Rushali Arora, and Sanket Singh Chauhan. The caller introduces himself as Kavita Bhabhi and says that his wife is actually a ghost; similarly, the story of the online series centres around amorous scenes. You can watch this web series on the Ullu App if you are 18 or older.

Sursuri Li Part 3


The Sursuri Li Ullu Hot Web Series 2022 has been one of Ullu App’s most popular online series in the year 2022. The protagonist of this online series, Suri, meets Saril, a woman who is eager to get married. She makes the hasty decision to be married due to her costly habits.

You can watch Sur and Saril being married in Sursuri Li Part 3. Visit Ullu App to learn more about this interesting drama and what will happen between Sur and Saril after their marriage. This has all of the Sursuri Li Net Series episodes in the most enjoyable manner.

Palang Tod


The most popular online series in Ullu has a bedtime double dose. Ullu app was released in 2022 as a result in that year. This online collection is chock-full of excitement and drama. This web series’ plot centres on an aunt and a nephew. In addition to Ruks Khandagale in Jali, Rajshree Varma is one of the hottest and most well-known actresses today. The Ullu App in this web series was made available on January 22, 2022. You can view every episode of Mattress Toad Double Explosion on the internet.

Dunali Session 2


Dunali Season 2 Ghatak 3, a drama and romance collection, has been one of Ullu’s most well-liked online offerings. This web series had three seasons altogether. On June 24, 2022, Dunali Season 2 was made available on Ullu App. Rekha Mona Sarkar (Abha), Nehal Vadolia (Sakshi), Neha Partik (Natasha), Shubham Devrubhar (Sr.), and Babul Bhavesar (Parsi) are among the cast members of this online serial. Kabir and Makhija are also included (Rohan).

The story line of Dunali Season 2 goes as follows: Sameer is getting married to Natasha, but things with Abha and Gunwala aren’t going so well right now because she’s trying to confuse the couple. However, when Sameer learns that Natasha is actually the daughter of the Mafia Queen Chandni, the marriage she was so excited about turns out to be the least of her problems. If you want to read an even more intriguing story, head over to the app.

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Hotspot Mail Trail 


The well-known web collection Hotspot Mail Trail Ullu App by Amika Shell is full of romance and drama. This website’s plot centres on App Office, where several employees paint together. Shruti, a much-loved employee, is the only one to have a significant impact on the plot. On the Ullu App, you can watch every episode of Hotspot Mail Trail.

Charamsukh: Maa Devrani Beti Jethani


Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Charmsukh web collection is another entry on the list of the most regarded and admired web collections of Ullu app. This online series’ narrative centres on the mother-daughter relationship. Sarla and Raunak become deeply in love with one another, finding bliss in their personal relationship that Sarla had never experienced before. Mishti Basu plays the part of daughter Jhanvi in this web series if it turns out that all of the relationships are about to end.



Choodiwala ullu web series has also been included in Top 10 Most Viewed Ullu Hot Web Series 2022. The first episode of this online series debuted in July 2022. The web series’ protagonist is a Choodiwala who starts off the plot by selling bangles indoors. The Choodiwala caresses the girl carefully one day in the hamlet as the girl is wearing the bangle in the hand of a housewife. The following day, the girl closes her eyes.

The girl then phones to say she will see him at 2:00 pm. The romance-filled story may also be observed by going in the useful fine to Ullu app. The bangle wala then pulls his trick and encourages him to accomplish the goal.

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