Top 10 Ullu Web Series List Must Watch 2023

Top 10 Ullu Web Series List Must Watch 2023

Find out the Ullu Web Series, the Ultimate Entertainment! Get Sucked Into Exciting Shows & Unexpected Twists. Watch Now!

We’re going to provide the top 10 Ullu hot web series in entertainment for you. These days, everyone enjoys watching web series, and since the Lockdown, they have surpassed films in popularity. On the OTT platform, viewers can easily find any web series of their choice. Additionally, a large quantity of content is becoming accessible on the OTT platform. Another of them is hot web series.

Yes, Ullu is one of these OTT platforms with a collection of Hot Web Series. The bold and known online series from Ullu App is highly talked. In this case, Ullu App Hot Web Series is the most popular web series on the platform. Please let us know the top 10 Ullu Web Series if you plan to watch any of these web series over the weekend.

Here The List Of Top 10 Ullu Web Series, Popular Hot Web Series of Ullu App Watch Now:

  1. Riti Riwaj
  2. Charamsukh Tapan
  3. Panchali
  4. Mona Home Delivery
  5. Virgin Boys
  6. Melting Cheese
  7. Halala
  8. Kavita Bhabhi
  9. Woodpecker
  10. Size Matters

Riti Riwaj:

A ullu web series named Riti Riwaj has a lot of bold Ullu platform scenes. Hot Scenes from the Ullu Web Series will be watched here. The story being told focuses on the romantic desires of women. A villager in this marries many times to satisfy his physical desires. While his wife dislikes of him. Additionally, the relationship between two women is shown in the ceremony. After seeing the scenes in this Ullu Bold web series, your eyes will remain active.

Charamsukh Tapan:

Watch Charamsukh Tapan if you are interested in watching a lot of Ullu Web Series Hot Scene. The friendship between Jija Saali and her friends is a really lovely story. In this Indian Hot Web Series, the sister-in-law and brother-in-law fall head over heels in love, but the brother-in-law prefers to date her friend. However, the sister-in-law looks desperately to claim her brother-in-law as her own. This online series is pretty bold. The wife hearing about her sister and partners will make things more interesting.

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The most well-known episode of Ullu Web Series Hot is Panchali. With its beauty and boldness this web series has sparked fear all over the internet. A woman married four brothers in this Hot Ullu Web Series. Additionally, he has a son. She desires for her fifth brother, her brother-in-law, to fall in love with her. Brother-in-law and sister-in-law started their relationship in silence. Watch this web series alone; it’s interesting and attractive.

Mona Home Delivery:

A superb Indian hot web series on Ullu App: Exploring the Mystery of Mona Home Delivery. Mona Home Delivery is a grabbing Indian web series that has found its own home on the well-known Ullu App in the world of online entertainment. This drama is like riding a roller coaster with both thrilling thrills along with difficult times. Mona Home Delivery explores the story of a young lady who sets out on a surprising journey, tantalisingly attaching wants and decisions together.

Virgin Boys:

The 5th-ranked hindi ullu web series is Virgin Boys. Three single males are the focus of this web series. The virginity of the three lads, Chomu, Chuchu, and Gagan, has been tried to be lost virginity. You’ll like this popular web series by Ullu. You can expect to see lots of excited, daring, and private situations in this Ullu Hot web series.

Melting Cheese:

This is a web series from Ullu popular. A businessman partner falls in love with his office assistant in this web series. He starts a relationship with his wife secretly. The audience’s senses are likewise assaulted by the film’s heat scenes. But when it is discovered that the wife is actually his secretary’s friend, the story twists.


The most beautiful Hot Ullu Web Series character is Halala. It depends on social issues like halala and triple talaq. A Muslim husband and wife must undergo Nikah Halala in this online series. In reality, a woman named Afza and her husband Rahil were enjoying their marriage. Rahil does, however, once execute triple talaq on Afza in a fit of anger.

But because they genuinely care for one another, they must do the Halala ritual. Rahil then asks for friend Zaid’s assistance in trying to patch up his failing marriage. Afza has a kid from her second marriage. But later, she decides to divorce her second husband and marry her first. Watch this web series and enjoy.

Kavita Bhabhi:

The most popular is this hot ullu web series. Watching this hot web series will make you get hot. In the above story, a married woman who has a spouse who lives nearby makes friends by having locals over to her house. The three sections are here. This comes with personal experiences.


The popular web series Ullu Woodpecker. It shows a ruthless businessman. He wants to start a flight company with his girlfriend. He then cheats on his fiancée and falls in love with an air attendant when the airlines start up. You will watch some incredibly daring and private scenes in this Ullu Web Series hot.

Size Matters:

You may watch Ullu Hot web series videos in Size Matters. The motivation for the story is a young woman by the name of Manpreet. The virgin girl wants to have whatever she desires, but her lover cheats her. Additionally, he gets frustrated by the size issue that guys face, and you will find out how to handle it here.


I hope you like the top 10 hindi ullu web series. On the Ullu platform, there are a lot of daring and exciting web series, but these are some of the best that you are sure to enjoy watching.

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