Top 10 Korean Web Series In Hindi Dubbed

Top 10 Korean Web Series In Hindi Dubbed

Watch this top 10 korean web series in hindi action-packed and romance-filled web series if you enjoy Korean drama. Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas as well? So, we’ve given you many Kdramas that have been dubbed into Hindi.

The Korean film industry has sparked fear throughout the world in recent years. Additionally growing in popularity is Korean drama in India. It has had a powerful effect on viewers, whether it is comedy or romance kedrama. People are increasingly seeing the Korean drama mania following the success of the Parasite and Squid players. You may now watch Korean dramas without having to read the subtitles if you wish. Many OTT platforms provide Korean web programmes that have been dub into Hindi. We’ve included the top 10 korean web series in this article so you may watch them right away.

If you’ve never watched Best Korean web series on Netflix. On the other hand, if you’d want to watch Korean drama, you could find this post to be quite useful. Because we’ll discuss some Korean dramas in this article that you may start.

List Of Top 10 Korean Web Series:

  1. Vincenzo Vincenzo
  2. Crash Landing On You Crash Landing On You
  3. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Goblin
  4. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
  5. All Of Us Are Dead
  6. Penthouse
  7. Sweet Home Sweet Home
  8. Flower Of Evil Flower Of Evil
  9. The Silent Sea The Silent Sea
  10. start up startup

some details about the list of top 10 korean web series must watch.

Vincenzo Vincenzo

Vincenzo the top 10 korean web series in hindi

The audience enjoyed the criminal drama starring Vincenzo, which was published in 2021. This web series has a really unique storyline. This comedy and crime drama centres on a Korean Mafia Lawyer. Mafia lawyer returns to Korea after a long absence. He then brings numerous employees of the medication manufacturer to justice. It has been praised for Song Jong-excellent ki’s acting and performance in the series. Watching this drama is a must. On Netflix, you can also get this show in Hindi.

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Crash Landing On You

 top 10 korean web series

The most well-known Kdrama is without a doubt Crash Landing On You. 2019 saw the premiere of this drama. You can start with this web series if you haven’t seen any Korean drama up until now. You’ll like this web series that combines romance and comedy.

The romance between North Korean soldier Hyun Bin and South Korean rich girl Son Ye-jin is the subject of this television series. Yoon Seri, a girl, crashes into North Korea while paragliding because of a high wind. where he meets Lee Joon-huo, the captain. His life has so many ups and downs after it. Both of them ultimately fall in love with one another. But because of the hostility between the two nations, their relationship is quite tough. You will sadly cry after viewing this drama, I expect. On Netflix, you may get this drama dubbed in Hindi.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Goblin

korean web series in hindi

The 2016 published Korean web series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God was very well. This romance tv show is also available with a Hindi dub. The main of this series is a goblin by the name of Kim Shin who has lived for 900 years with a sword stuck in his breast. This sword may only be removed by his wife. They both fall in love once the goblin’s wife is found. This online series is more complex than it first looks. It is viewable through MX Player.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

korean web series in hindi

Top 10 korean web series of South Korean love drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a Park Shin-woo and Jo Yong production. The movie stars Park Gyu-young, Oh Jung-Se, Kim Soo-hyun, and Seo Yea-Ji. The series stars an antisocial children’s book author and a selfless psych unit caregiver. The 16-episode season was shown on tvN and Netflix from June 20, 2020, to August 9, 2020.

All Of Us Are Dead

This horror web series is great for you if you don’t like watching romantic comedies. This South Korean online series is well-liked. You will like this zombie-based horror series for good. The film’s story starts with school-based zombies, after which the plague spread to the entire city. A group of kids in the web series work together to solve this issue by lending a hand to one another. Netflix has this show accessible in Hindi.


The power and riches struggle is the theme of the online series Penthouse. This television series tells the tale of the people of Hera Palace. This luxurious house exposes a lot of mysteries. This web series is available on MX Player and Netflix in Hindi.

Sweet Home

sweet home list of top 10 korean web series in hindi

A similar horror web series is called Sweet Home. The audience enjoyed this series. In this drama, it is expressed how a human may turn into a monster. In compared to the typical horror drama, this series is really unique. You will definitely enjoy this drama, I am sure. On Netflix, you may watch it in Hindi.

Flower Of Evil Flower Of Evil

You may watch Flower of Evil drama if you’re searching for a new web series. This show focused on a murderous husband whose wife works as a police officer. His prior secret is disclosed during a case. Both MX Player and Netflix have this drama available to stream in Hindi.

The Silent Sea

the silent sea list of top 10 korean web series

You may view The Silence Sea if you want to observe a different kind of drama. This show’s story revolves around a crew that visits a location where a tragedy occurred in quest of special water. On Netflix, this thriller and suspenseful series is available in Hindi dub.

Start Up

 start up the Best Korean web series on Netflix

You can start with these dramas if you enjoy watching Korean drama or wish to watch Korean drama. Love Triangle serves as the basis for the new web series. This series stars popular Korean actress Bae Suzy. This television series’ narrative centres on a new company. It is available on Netflix in Hindi. It is including the list of top 10 korean web series in hindi well.

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