Top 10 Hindi Comedy Web Series In India

top 10 hindi comedy web series

Top 10 hindi comedy web series shows are available online, and they promote comedy as a genre that reduces stress.

Since everyone is aware that laughing reduces stress, humour has always been a highly popular genre among regular people. In fact, many people like watching comedy films or television shows as a respite from their busy daily routines.

If you enjoy humour and are an OTT fans, check out the list of the best 10 hindi comedy web series below.

Top 10 Hindi Comedy Web Series:

1Kota FactoryNetflix
2PanchayatAmazon Prime
3GullakSony Liv
4FathersMX Player
5Permanent RoommatesSony Liv
7Chacha Vidhayak Hai HumareAmazon Prime
9Home ShantiDisney Hotstar
10Life Sahi HaiZee5

Kota Factory: (Netflix Series)

It was published in 2019 when this TVF webseries first launched. The struggles, joys, and daily life of engineering students are depicted in great detail in this web series.

Though the series is in black and white, it has managed to become quite popular among students because to its comedy. A significant part in this programme was played by Jitendra Kumar. Watch this comedy web series to enjoy more fun.

Panchayat: (Amazon Prime Series)

One of Amazon Prime’s most popular shows is Panchayat. The main character of this story accepts a government position of Rs 20,000 and relocates to a village to work as a secretary. He does, however, want to depart from this little village as soon as his MBA is finished.

The local sarpanch and others who hang out with him become good friends of the secretary in their absence. Because to its easy-to-understand yet powerful script, the series is particularly well-liked by the public. The series has included actors including Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Jitendra Kumar, Chandan Roy, and Faizal Malik. Watch full series to more entertainment.

Gullak: (Sony Liv)

Many people believe that this web series is the most well-liked hindi comedy drama web series in the entire country. The series covers the story of a family from the middle class.

You won’t be able to stop watching this family’s dramatic twists and turns as they struggle with daily living. This web series, which has three seasons and has been highly rated by viewers, has been available for three seasons of this series.

Fathers: (MX Player Series)

This web series relates the story of three retired fathers who are now spending more time with their family, despite the fact that all three of them struggle to fit in with the younger generation.

In this web series, the tension between the older and younger generations is depicted in an extremely entertaining manner. Manoj Joshi, Virendra Saxena, and Rakesh Bedi all play major parts in this show.

Permanent Roommates: (Sony Liv)

This TVF web series tells the tale of two friends who are undecided on whether to advance their friendship or not. Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas were successful in making a unique stamp in acting thanks to this show, and since then, both of these web series actors have also made appearances in several additional series and film projects. Watch this Sony liv series for twiest.

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Pitchers: (Zee5 series)

TVF had introduced the Pitchers series at a time when the country’s startup scene was blossoming. The series, which debuted in 2015, told the tale of three friends quitting their jobs to launch a company.

However, each of the three must overcome major challenges in order to launch and ultimately maintain this company, and this the show very humorously shows their struggles. The show was long ago released, yet it quickly became quite popular because of its cutting-edge content.

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare: (Amazon Prime Series)

Zakir Khan prefers to perform on stage rather than in movies or television shows. He is a stand-up comedian. However, he played the series’ lead character.

This webseries is about a character, as is obvious from the title, whose last name coincides with the local MLA and who impresses people by referring to him as his uncle. Fans of Zakir Khan really enjoyed this programme, and a second season was also made available in this series.

Hasmukh (Netflix Series):

This webseries focuses on a resident of the UP. The aspiration of this individual is to do stand-up comedy. The main issue he has, though, is a senior entertaining who causes him grief at every turn.

Manoj Pahwa and Veer Das respectively play a famous entertaining and a comedian from Saharanpur in this drama netflix series.

Home Shanti: (Disney Hotstar)

In this story, a Dehradun-based middle class family is the focus of attention. In addition to being the leader of this house, Manoj Pahwa is a poet. Currently, they are constructing a new home, however the show has humorously depicted the challenges they would encounter from the administration during the process so.

Life Sahi Hai: (Zee5)

Four single friends are the focus of this online series. Their shared relationships, career lives, and love lives have all been shown in a playful comedy way.

The unique aspect is that Pyaar Ka Punchnama, starring Kartik Aryan and Divyendu, was produced by the same production company as this programme. This is the reason why several pictures from this episode seem like those from Kartik Aryan’s movie. Watch this full hindi comedy web series for unlimited enjoy.

The top Indian hindi comedy web series have been selected by our team. I hope to enjoy and entertaining this comedy series. Thank you!

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Best Comedy Web Series In Hindi 2023

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