Dimpal Singh Boldness To The Bhojpuri Song ‘Palang Ke Paati Majboot’ From The Film ‘Nake Nawab’ When It Was Released.

Bhojpuri Actress Dimpal Singh’s Bhojpuri song ‘Palang Ke Paati Majboot’ has been released, This is quite popular among the public. The manner of Dimpal Singh in this song has caught the public’s attention of her boldness. Also see video.

Bhojpuri film ‘Nakli Nawab’ Dimpal Singh’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Palang Ke Paati Majboot’ has been released, As soon as it was released, it created fear. This song features Dimpal Singh, a well-known Bhojpuri actress who has wowed audiences with her unique style. Dimpal Singh is a well-known actress in Bhojpuri movies. In Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh’s superhit song ‘Mitha Mitha Bathe Kamariya Ho,’ Dimpal and Pawan were a popular superstar.

The popular Bhojpuri song ‘Palang Ke Pati Majboot‘ from Dimpal Singh’s film Nakki Nawab was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri on August 22nd, and it has received a positive response. Let us tell you that in this song, Nisar Khan had a romance with Dimpal Singh. Nisar and Dimple’s chemistry is fantastic, but Dimple Singh is making everyone crazy. Dimpal Singh bold and glamorous avatar is being liked by the Bhojpuriya audience.

Let us inform you that on the first day, the song received thousands of views. The song has had 100,570 views as of this writing, and that number is fast rising. This superhit song was performed by Mohan Rathod and Priyanka Singh. Sumit Singh Chandravanshi wrote the song, while Chhote Baba composed the music.

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The Bhojpuri song ‘Dar Lage Piya Dhan Ke Ropniya Se’ by Dimpal Singh was released last month. This song was a trending. The song ‘Dar Lage Piya Dhan Ke Ropaniya Se,’ which was recently posted on Dimple Singh’s official YouTube account, has received a lot of positive feedback.

See Dimpal Singh Palang Ke Paati Majboot Video

Dimpal Singh plays a rural girl in this song, yet she appears extremely elegant and gorgeous in this part as well. This Dimpal Singh song was launched on July 4, and let us inform you that actor Imran appears in this song alongside Dimple, who has the appearance of Pawan Singh. Tuntun Yadav wrote Dimpal Singh’s Bhojpuri song, while Raja Bhattacharya gave the music.

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