Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Real ?Find Out If Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Has Gone Trend

Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Real ?Find Out If Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Has Gone Trend

After Trishakar Madhu, now Priyanka Pandit mms video leaked, there was a stir in Bhojpuri film industry

In the Bhojpuri film industry, there is a lot of buzz these days. Trisha Kar Madhu’s private video just went viral. At the same time, Priyanka Pandit, a Bhojpuri actress, has had her private video exposed. Let us remind you that Trishakar Madhu’s MMS private video was released a few days ago, and she was heavily trolled on social media as a result.

Priyanka Pandit’s video, which was leaked, is also getting increasingly popular. This tragedy has rocked the Bhojpuri industry. After witnessing this viral video, many people were surprised.

After the video was leaked, Priyanka was trolled on different social media platforms. According to several media reports, Priyanka Pandit mms video is older. Many doubts have been raised about the Bhojpuri industry as a result of the disclosure of two actresses’ private videos. Priyanka, on the other hand, reacted to the video’s disclosure.

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On response to this, Priyanka Pandit stated – “It’s not me in the video, but it’s someone else. Many people are plotting such plots to defame me.” According to sources, Priyanka has also lodged a complaint against it.

However, after the video went public, She has received a lot of trolling on social media. Let us remind you that Priyanka Pandit debut film, Jeena Teri Gali, was released in 2013. Since then, she has appeared in a number of Bhojpuri films.

Dushman Ki Nali Ram Aur Ali, Awara Balam, Pawan Putra, and Ichhadari are among the films in which Priyanka Pandit has appeared. Many of his Bhojpuri films, which have yet to be revealed, will be released in the near future.

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Trishakar Madhu, in addition to Priyanka, had voiced concerns about the Bhojpuri cinema following the disclosure of the Priyanka Pandit mms video. Someone is attempting to defame him, She claims. Priyanka has now stated the same thing in a similar scenario. Both actresses’ queries have cast a large question mark over the Bhojpuri industry.