Best Comedy Web Series In Hindi 2023

Best Comedy Web Series In Hindi 2023

The Funniest Comedy Web Series of 2023 collected here. Indian comedy web series interesting characters and beautiful moments, laugh yourself along. Watch best comedy today!

Indian comedy web series are possibly the most popular and looked at trend ever. We all enjoy a good laugh this means the majority of us attract to romantic and comedy web series in Hindi. The biggest part of Indian OTT platforms recently has been the easy access to must of the top hindi new comedy web series. You may follow the steps to find out regarding the best comedy hindi web series. Check it out.

Best Comedy Web Series In Hindi:

Want to let your mind relax from stress? Watch these Indian comedy web series, then. We can guarantee that this collection of comedy web shows will make you laugh out loud.

  1. Metro Park
  2. Comicstaan
  3. Inmates
  4. Ladies Room
  5. Bang Baaja Baaraat
  6. College Romance
  7. The Office
  8. The Aam Aadmi Family
  9. Flames
  10. What the Folks

Metro Park:

The history of the Patel family’s immigration to the USA is shown in Metro Park. The important part of the story is that while Gujrat may be removed from a man, it cannot be removed from Gujrat. In this story, the Patel family relocates to India but continues to live their previous way of life. Purbi Joshi and Ranvir Shorey star as the main characters in this full-length best family comedy web series hindi.


The web series Comicstaan teaches us that when several great participants get together, joke-telling is no joke. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite comedians. One of the top comedic reality TV series available on Amazon Prime Video is this one.


Inmates show the way of life of a group of peers who are having a hard time at work. A little flat is home to a casting doctor, a struggling doctor and a virgin. They share their joy and sorrow with one another, which draws viewers into the online series. TVFPlay plays this fantastic series. Yazad Anklesaria was the director.

Ladies Room:

This Hindi comedic web series has female leads in bathrooms for women, as suggested by the title. In this online series, women experience a variety of bathroom-related issues, but the comedy lies in the solution. On YFlims, this online series is published. Produced by Prerna Chawla, Sakshi Gurnani, Preetika Chawla, and Nikhil Taneja; directed by Ashima Chibber

Bang Baaja Baaraat:

The chemistry between Angira Dhar and Ali Fazal is evident in the show. The online series Bang Baaja Baaraat highlights the relationship of several cultures. This web series must be seen with your partner since it contains both comedy and drama. You may watch this web series on YouTube.

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College Romance:

College Romance is listed among the best Hindi comedy web series. You’re moved back to your undergraduate years and the moment you first met your crush thanks to this online series. Not to be missed is the drama and comedy in this online web series. It may be watched for this series free on YouTube.

The Office:

It currently has an Indian version in addition to the British and American versions that it already has. The Office online series successfully fulfilled its viewers. You are going to enjoy this Hindi comedy web series if you enjoyed the British and American versions of the Office web series. On Hotstar, this online series is available.

The Aam Aadmi Family:

The middle-class family and their everyday lives are the focus of the funny web series in Hindi. There are two kids, a suspicious mother, a hardworking father, a gossip-loving grandmother. The web series shows the problems, joys, and struggles of a middle-class family.


The simple love stories of boys and girls is shown in this Hindi comedy web series. You’ll smile as you read about their immature love affair. In addition, you’ll laugh at their fruitless attempts to win over their crush. Do you ever feel young love? If yes, watch this fantastic web series and think back on your earlier life experiences. This web series is available through MXPlayer.

What the Folks:

There are several issues that a married couple are faced with. This web series shows both comedy and sad incidents in the life of a married couple. The Folks describe how life changes after marriage and how a married couple makes every effort to keep their marriage strong. This comedy web series is available to watch on YouTube.


Hindi comedy has actually improved in 2023, leaving everyone in tears with smiles. This year has been a riot of entertainment, with everything from successful comedy to open situations. The Hindi comedy scene has much to offer everyone, whether you like professional jokes or new, up-and-coming artists. So let’s keep the laughing and enjoy the memories of the funniest Hindi comedy moments this year has to offer. In the years to come, may there be even more laughing and joy!

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