Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish Asks Abhimanyu Of Letting Down Akshara

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish Asks Abhimanyu Of Letting Down Akshara

The scene Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai September 5 written update: Abhimanyu gets kicked out of the house by Manish after he confronts him about giving up on Akshara. In contrast, Akshara helps in calming Maya down just to the press conference.

The tension between the Goenkas and Birlas grows in the most recent episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai when Manish raises important priorities about Abhimanyu’s love for Akshara. Maya forgets before attending the press conference in another scene. To know the entire story, continue reading this story.

Abhimanyu Was Questioned –

An argument between Harsh and Manish over an earlier interaction between Akhilesh and Manjiri was shown in the previous episode. Abhimanyu arrives just in time to stop Manish as he raises his hand to Harsh in a fit of rage. Akhilesh is instructed by him to apologise to Manjiri for throwing mud at her. Suhasini stands up for Akhilesh and claims it was an accident. But Abhimanyu doesn’t pay attention to him. He keeps asking for an apology.

He should first apologise, Akhilesh advises. Abhimanyu gets criticised by Manish for giving up on Akshara. Abhimanyu never made an effort to look for her, which makes him doubt his love for her. Harsh informs Manish that, rather than the other way around, Akshara left Abhimanyu. Therefore, Akshara should be questioned if anyone. Harsh is silenced by Abhimanyu, who then turns to Manish. Without raising his voice, he allows Manish to express himself fully. Finally, Manish throws Abhimanyu as the latter thinks on the last time he moved him. Continue reading to find out what big news Mahima will share with the Birlas when they get home.

Akshara Tells Maya –

Maya becomes uneasy as she sees everyone attending the news conference. Maya leaves while Akshara waits for Abhimanyu to encourage her singing career. Akshara and Kunal follow her. Kunal tries to convince Maya as she shares her anxiety. Akshara calms her with song. When she feels better, Akshara informs her of the significance of this occasion. She serves as a reminder of the effort they have all made to reach this point.

In exchange for a mask, Maya agrees to attend the press conference. Despite Akshara’s opposition to the mask, Kunal grants her request. The media want Maya to take off her mask at the press conference. Even though Maya rejects, they insist. Kunal stands by Maya on stage, but fortunately Shefali doesn’t notice him. Abhimanyu, meanwhile, travels back home with the Birlas.

He rushes to his room while Mahima tries to speak with him. Mahima informs the others that Kairav is in Mauritius because the previous international call Manish received was from that country. It will be interesting to watch what the Birlas do next now that they are aware of Kairav’s whereabouts.

Abhimanyu receives a call from Shefali in the upcoming episode. On the other side, he hears Akshara’s voice. He senses that it is certainly Akshara and instantly returns back to Jaipur.