Who Is This Girl Mun Mun Dhamecha? She Was With Aryan Khan At A High-Profile Party!!

The NCB has arrested three people, including Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, in connection with the drug party case at the cruise. The case is being re-assigned to another judge, Aryan. Although other people besides Star Kid were involved in the rev party, Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Mun Mun Dhamecha have now been tightened. The question now is, who is Mun Mun Dhamecha, whose name appears in the case?

Mun Mun Dhamecha News, Mun Mun Dhamecha is a fashion model and a Delhi citizen, according to reports. He was born her no parents. Prince Dhamecha is his brother. In fact, he moved to Delhi with his brother Prince four years ago from Mun mun, Madhya Pradesh.

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Mun Mun Dhamecha mostly active on social media. She frequently posts images and videos on social media. Several images of her with Bollywood celebrities have been revealed to her. Mun Mun Dhamecha is often seen at parties and he has also participated in many model shows and others.

Similarly, Arbaaz Merchant is a close friend of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter and son Aryan Khan. He has also been seen partying with veteran actor Chunky Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey who is the actress of Bollywood.

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