Whatsapp New Terms And Conditions 2021

Whatsapp New Terms And Conditions 2021: WhatsApp takes 16 kinds of information, the chat will be used in advertising, What is the new WhatsApp policy?

Whatsapp new terms and conditions have come into force on February 8, 2021. WhatsApp has started giving users notifications about new terms of service and if a user does not accept the new terms, after February 8, the company will close its account. WhatsApp has made it clear that if you want to use the app, you read must fully accept its terms of service, otherwise you can delete your WhatsApp account if you wish.

What information does WhatsApp receive from you new terms of service?

While there is no easy-to-understand information about WhatsApp terms, you will be forced to speak in general terms about what information WhatsApp will receive from users after the new Apple App Store. According to a list released by WhatsApp on the Apple App Store, WhatsApp collects 16 types of information from users, including phone model and payment information.

Whatsapp New Terms And Conditions 2021

You know Facebook has a monopoly on social media platforms. From WhatsApp to Instagram and Facebook, the owner is the same. You are also aware that in this world nothing is available for free, that is, you pay indirectly for the things you get directly for free. Data is the oil of the new world and data mining is the biggest business and the biggest weapon today.

Today, the more data there is, the more powerful they are. The information you receive is used on such a large scale that you may not even know it. You will be surprised that the information you spread on social media can be used from forming a government to dismantling a government.

How does WhatsApp use the information taken from you?

Any company takes data from you in two ways and these two methods are direct and indirect. Whenever you know on a website, you say that cookies. Whenever you install an application or software on your phone or computer, you accept the terms of service without reading.

Can a third party access my WhatsApp?

In general, one company does not explicitly state that it will use your data for its own business and share it with another company, but WhatsApp has explicitly stated in many new terms of service that it will share your information with Facebook and other companies.

This means who you talk to, what link you share on WhatsApp, in which group you send more messages, where you go and with whom you share the location. WhatsApp will store all this information on its server and then use it to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Facebook will share your information with companies that are its partners.

Law in India regarding data protection

There is a law on user data protection in India, but it is like ivory, meaning no one can be convicted or punished under this law. In such a situation, India is not afraid to protect the data of technology companies, while in countries like the United States and Europe, there is a penalty – a huge fine for protecting the data of users.

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What will happen to the Whatsapp New Terms And Conditions? & Is my WhatsApp being monitored?

Under the new terms, WhatsApp will monitor all your messages, read it, understand it and create a file, and WhatsApp has always been saying that its app is fully encrypted from end to end, ie your message information is not but you and the recipient close. Because WhatsApp will no longer be encrypted according to the new terms. The company will see your message and store it on its server.

Who you talk to the most, in which group you send the most messages, what products you share pictures of, where you are, all this information will be on WhatsApp. After the new WhatsApp terms apply, WhatsApp will monitor your conversations and your ads will be displayed on Facebook and Instagram based on your messages.

To recognize this by example, think you share with your friend a hyperlink to a product sold on Amazon, and WhatsApp can display you and your friends advertising that product on Facebook and Instagram based for your message. So the complete factor is that Facebook will use your WhatsApp data for your business, to your advantage, and also you can’t stop them. If you want to stop, you will have to delete your WhatsApp account.

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