West Bengal Election Results 2021: Mamata’s biggest victory in 50 years in West Bengal

West Bengal Election Results 2021: According to the Election Commission of India website, TMC won 210 seats and a lead over 3 in West Bengal. It is clear that the results for the three seats have not yet been finalized, but one thing is clear: for the first time in 50 years, the party was observed to have achieved almost 50 percent in terms of percentage of votes.

Mamata has scored a hat-trick of victories for the third consecutive time in West Bengal. In the coming five years, she will run the government of absolute majority. With this victory, he holds another record. She will win 213 seats (if Leading wins 3 seats), in such a way she has also demolished her 2016 record. He won 2011 seats in 2016.

In the history of West Bengal, no party could get so many seats. At the same time, the records that his party has made are even more important. This is seen for the first time in 50 years, when the people of Bengal have voted so much for any one party. Let us also tell you how much TMC and other big parties got votes in West Bengal.

West Bengal Election Results 2021, the people of Bengal loved TMC more than they did in 2016. If in 2016 TMC received about 44% of the votes, then this time this number has reached about 48%. At the same time, the number of seats has increased. Mamata’s party won 211 seats in 2016, and this time it won 213 seats.

This time, BJP is ranked second in Bengal. Thanks to this, this time she won 38 percent of the vote. Also took 77 places. In 2016, the BJP won only 3 seats and gained about 10 percent of the vote. That is, the bank of votes BJP last time increased by 28 percent.

West Bengal Election Results 2021: Which party got how many votes in the 2021 election


The peculiarity is that for the first time in the past 50 years, it was observed that more than 45 percent of Bengal voters voted for any one party. Prior to this, Congress R received 49.08% of the vote in the 1972 election. TMC it self also missed the 2016 election by a narrow margin of 45%. This time, Mamata has reached that figure of 48 percent, which is a great achievement.

Before Congress, the United Front and Congress could have crossed this figure. Although the CPIM ruled Bengal for many years, it won consecutive elections from 1977 to 1991 and from 1996 to 2006, but it never won 40 percent of the vote.

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Which party got how many votes in the history of Bengal

1969United Front49.70
1987 CPIM39.12

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