Varun Dhawan's Affection For Southern Audiences

Varun Dhawan’s Affection For Southern Audiences

Varun Dhawan is one of Bollywood’s best young talented performers. Hero is now collaborating with Samantha on a web project. On the other side, he’s in other films with Bhedia and Krishna, such as Janvikapur.

Southern directors and writers, according to Varun Dhawan, have a lot of skill. Varun Dhawan stated in an interview that SS Rajamouli is at the top of the list of outstanding filmmakers. After that, Surender Reddy would come.

There’s also Anil Ravipudi, who worked with F3 on a fantastic comedy. Sukumar, the director of Pushpa, regarded him as a director with incredible potential. Premam is my favourite Malayalam film. Premam was once one of my favourite films.

I’ve previously met Alphonse Putren, the filmmaker who directed this movie. This movie must be completed by both of us. However, I have no idea what happened. The film was a failure. Alphonse regarded him as a great person.

There are also outstanding writers and directors in the South. “It will be fantastic if they had a concept,” Varun Dhawan stated. Meanwhile, Kareena Johar, a Bollywood actor and producer, and Anil Kapoor, a prominent actor, have gone viral for their comments complimenting southern cinema.