Urfi Javed Silver Pasting Work On His Dress

Urfi Javed Silver Pasting Work On His Dress

Users were reminded of cashew katli when Urfi Javed completed the photoshoot by pasting silver work instead of garments.

With her own dressage and flair, Urfi Javed has become a social media sensation. It is challenging to think that any other famous person could do the tests that Urfi Javed performs. Urfi’s attire not only draws attention, but also serves as a symbol of her boldness.

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Her fashion choices tend to result in trolling on social media, but Urfi never gives up and designs a fresh look that attract everyone.

Urfi’s move on Saturday caused a stir on social media. On Urfi’s Instagram page, pictures have been published.

Urfi Javed is seen in these photos wearing only a silver shawl as a top. Urfi comes to the decision that he is glowing with this caption. Silver work is utilised in this instance. By making creative comments on these Urfi photos, fans have also viewed their creativity.

One user commented that seeing Urfi in this position made him think of Kaju Katli. Along with the heart and fire emojis, several individuals used emoji to welcome Urfi.

For Urfi, social media is a very common way. Even though Urfi has been in several TV series and has been active on Instagram for years, her participation in Bigg Boss OTT is where she first gained real popularity. Urfi Javed became popular on social media after being lost from Bigg Boss OTT.

Urfi also uploads entertaining videos to Instagram. Some of them even mock her unique sense of style by blaming rodents for the randomly ragged clothing covering his body. Singer Rihanna’s silver outfit was copied in this photo photoshoot by Urfi Javed using silver pasting work on his dress.