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Urfi Javed Bikini Pic Viral Now

urfi javed latest news

urfi javed latest news

Urfi Javed bikini pic viral now Urfi Javed was viciously trolling while wearing shorts, and the trolls revealed that the actress’s senses had moved after hearing this.

Urfi Javed Bikini Pic: Urfi Javed, a Bigg Boss actress, has experienced internet trolling once more. Urfi’s bold dress is being criticised. This is not the first time that Urfi Javed has been mocked by users. Her clothing and bold picture make her a popular target on social media.

Whatever Urfi Javed wears or does in such a situation, the users turn against him. Users have already questioned him on if he is embarrassed to post pictures of himself wearing such tight clothing. Urfi continues to share bold and bikini photos on Instagram even after this. More than 33000 people have liked these images of Urfi Javed bikini pic thus so far.

She is currently the target of trolled for sporting a blue bra top. Many users have commented on her bold photos wearing a blue bra top. Urfi is depicted in these images sporting a white net over a blue bra. A user made fun of her for wearing this clothing by asking, “Are you wearing a mosquito net?” Another user reported that the pigeon was caught in the fishing net today. One user referred to Urfi as hot.

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