Ullu Web Series 2022: Due To Hot Scenes This New Web Series Hit All The Records Of TRP

Under Ullu Web Series 2022: On the edge of getting banned is this web series. Friends, in Ullu web series 2022, This Ullu web series has hit all the records for how many hot scenes it has, which is what this article is about. You should watch this web series right away if you haven’t already before it’s deleted. In truth, the web series that will be discussed in front of you has recently caused a lot of anxiety on MX Player.

The MX Player Joe Aashram online series, on the other hand, was published last month. In terms of TRP, or television rating point, this online series is directly in front of the Aashram web series and is posing a big challenge. Today you are going to know in detail about MX Player bold web series, Free bold web series list, Bold web series, etc.

So continue with us till the article’s Ullu Web Series 2022 conclusion. Most people are going to find today’s post to be very special because it will provide you more information on the web series that is being presented to you. the online series, which has become well-known in recent days. Additionally, you will learn more about the Ullu web series 2022 Overview.

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You are all aware that once the third season of the Aashram online series was published, MX Player became the only place where people could view the web series. However, as soon as the Hello Mini web series’ teaser was made public. So after a week, the Hello Mini web series became well-known across the country.

Let us clarify this for you, though. The online series Hello Mini, which will be part of Ullu Web Series, is not a brand-new one. Before this, two seasons had already been made available. Its third season just came up for consideration last month. Due to the fact that this online series has significantly outperformed the other web series in terms of TRP.

MX Player Bold Web Series 2022 Overview:

  • Article Title: Day Web Series 
  • Web Series Name: Hello Mini
  • Available On: MX Player
  • Total Episode: 15
  • Running Time: 25 to 28 min.
  • Starting Dates: 1 October 2019
  • Famous For: Bold web series

MX Player Bold Web Series 2022:

If we truly wanted to tell you, it got to the point where MX Player’s servers were down because the Hello Mini web series had such a significant impact on people’s hearts and minds that it will be difficult for people to forget them for months. The most important factor is that if this MX Player bold web series had not been rated 18+, it would not have been only for viewers over the age of 18, but rather, it would have been appropriate for all audiences, and its effects would not have been known.

Let us assure you that this web series will keep you thoroughly entertained because it is only an eighteen plus web series, which means that only viewers over the age of 18 may see it.

Free Bold Web Series List 2022

Ullu has also just published a number of new web series, and we’ll be sharing information about a few of them with you. There are many such new web series including

  • Sur Surili
  • Dunali Season 2 Part 3
  • Damad ji Palang tod Season 2 Part 2
  • Choodiwala
  • Jaal part 1, Jaal Part 2

That have gained popularity on the Ullu application. It is important to note that Ullu Application, a major platform for web series, has recently been putting a lot of new web series in front of people, and they are really enjoying them. This is the reason the Ullu app is growing in popularity; it just staged a comeback and has been consistently releasing new web series since then.

Ullu New Web Series Lead Cast:

  • Revana Banerjee – Playing the role as Anuja Joshi
  • Priya Banerjee – Playing the role as Ishita
  • Anshul Pandey – Playing the role of Ekshan
  • Sprouted – Playing his role as Abhiraj Mukherjee
  • Vineet Sharma – Playing the character of Inspector Mohan Kamble
  • Arjun Aneja – Pradeep is playing the role of Basotia
  • Gaurav Chopra – Playing the role of Ishita’s boyfriend Aditya Grover
  • Mrinal Duttas – Danny Abraham

The Day New Web Series

The 22-year-old Rivanah, who stars in the Hello mini-web series, departs from Kolkata for Mumbai to take a job, but as you watch the show, you’ll see that Mumbai is just as large and unfamiliar to her as Kolkata. In the metropolis, someone is always on the hunt. Mini has no idea who this unknown person is or what their name is. Mini is confused right now. However, he soon finds that whoever is pursuing him is actually aiding him. However, Mini must pay a price for the stranger’s connection with him, not the least of which is that he puts Mini’s life in danger.

Because of this, Mini’s life and the lives of everyone else around her are significantly impacted. However, you won’t fully get the plot until you’ve finished watching this web series.


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