Twitter Reactions On Brahmastra

Twitter Reactions On Brahmastra

Twitter Reactions On Brahmastra: Take a waste can with you when you watch “Brahmastra,” which stars Ranbir-Alia, according to a review.

Finally, Brahmastra, starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, is available in theatres. For a very long time, the movie generated a lot of attention. The Corona pandemic caused multiple delays in the movie’s release. The subject of how this movie is now that it has been released on the big screen will obviously be on many people’s minds. Next, allow us to present you to Twitter users’ responses.

After a recent screening of “Brahmastra,” the movie received positive reviews from all sides. In addition, there was a surge in comments on social media after people saw this movie on a huge screen. The majority of viewers disliked the movie. People criticise the film’s forced love tale and childish speech as being poor.

Twitter Reactions On Brahmastra:

Anyone seeing this movie should bring a waste can with them since the staff will have a difficult time cleaning up after you if you throw up on the seat, a user said. Another commenter told viewers against seeing the film since it is entirely comprised of fire. People are calling the movie a failure.

People Said:

There are a lot of money-wasting movie memes that are also popular. After seeing the movie, people are approaching Karan Johar for money. On the picture of Ranbir Kapoor that is going popular, a user has scrawled the lyrics to the song “Achcha Chala Hoon Duaoon Mein Yaad Rakna” from the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.