Top 5 yoga back stretches for lower back pain Relief

Top 5 yoga back stretches for lower back pain Relief.

1. Forward and Back Bending 

Urdhva Hastasana & Padahastasana 

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Let’s start on the standing position the first movement is forward and back bending take your legs hip width a part slowly bend your knees keeping the pelvic tucked slowly raise your hands as you inhale slightly bent backwards keep looking straight as you exhale bend forward let the belly touch the thighs keep the knees bent as him walk once from the back continue inhale up and slide back bend look straight exhale down belly to thigh. This yoga relief for lower back pain 
You can repeat this process six to seven times. 

2. Lateral Bending 

Ardha Kati Cakrasana

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Start with legs hip width apart as you inhale raising right hand up to the sky as you exhale bend from your waist to the left side make sure you keep looking straight and the chest keeps facing a head inhale come back to Center take your left hand up exhale bend to the right side. It is help for lower back pain.
Continue this movement six to seven times keep alternating between right and left.

3. Tiger or Cat Breathing

Vyaghra Shwasana

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Slowly come onto your knees and palms for vyaghra shwasa more commonly called a cat and camel stretch place your palms right below the shoulders place the knees slightly away from each other as you inhale arch your spine and look straight as you exhaleround the spine and look towards 
Your knees. It relief for back pain.
Continue six to seven times. Keep the neck movements gentle. 

4. Abdominal Twist

Jatara Parivartanasana

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Lie down on your back and bend your knees towards your chest take your hands in a to palms on the floor inhale in the center as you exhale slowly with out touching your feet to the flow tilt your knees towards the right arm make sure both the shoulders stay on the mat and don’t lift up inhale come back to the center exhale both knees to the left arm. 
Continue this movement six to seven times in all these movements the breath is very important to not ignore the breath. 

5. Wind Releasing Pose

Pavana Muktasana

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Lie down on your back please then close to the chest hug your legs hug your thighs you can gently rock from side to side giving your spine a little massage the breathing can benatural soft inhalations and longer exhalations stay off of five to six breaths and then slowly release your hands release your legs through the wall to the side and come to a seated position whenever you’re lifting of from a supine position thank you guys hope this helps stay home and stay safe.

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