Tiktok video vs YouTube video batter platform 2021

We know YouTube is best compared to tiktok. YouTube video Vs Tiktok video batter platform 2021


Describe : 

Tiktok has more than 150millions users in India Country Most Popular Short Social Videos Creatiors Applications In India.
As Compare as YouTube has more than 200millions user in India or installed before buying smart phone. But YouTube platform is like a job because your videos content is monetization option Tiktok have not.

Some points YouTube Vs Tiktok 2021

Example :

If you want to laugh you can watch funny videos and if u want to learn then you can watch content related to that.
YouTube give us knowledge, rather tiktok gives us nothing knowledge.

Youtube vs Tiktok Controversy 

YouTube is Product of Google Trusted many people and Tiktok is a Chinese Company Product so as Indians is boycotting Chinese products they should boycott there app also.
Google Meet and Zoom metting app which is better 

If by any incident both the apps are shut down then I can see YouTube will have that same popularity and continuing to add values to our lives, but in case of tiktokers, I don’t know even there street dog will refuse to identify them , Jokes apart tiktokers don’t have any value outside tiktok.

What’s more popular YouTube or Tiktok?

Tiktok founder himself have said that he had made this app only for unsound mind and jobless people, and if any creators on tiktok are thinking how famous they are just keep in mind.

That you are only followed by unsound and jobless or freelance value less people who don’t have any source of entertainment in their lives.

YouTube creator are True life inspirations of people, and Earn Money in feature life. Best YouTube Channel Earn Money Easily.

What is better Tiktok vs YouTube ?

They Tiktokers are trying to manipulate minds of people and convincing them that they are a gem but reality we all know.!!

It shouldn’t be TikTok vs YouTube. On the surface, it looks like a fight between two people or two platforms but people are taking it in a very different way.

Content Quality: 

I don’t says both the YouTube or Tiktok platform bad No, It’s my individual choice. All the platforms have a different type of users and content and there is an audience for every type of content.

YouTube content originality there is no such thing which 100% original. We all inspire each other. People who are saying content on TikTok is not original copy from various type of platform.

Why this hate against TikTok?

Making videos on TikTok is quite simple and doesn’t require much effort and Viewers who are on TikTok are only for fun & enjoyment. So, considering the audience and easiness of the platform it’s for everyone be it a village person, a housewife, or anyone who just knows how to record a video.

Meanwhile, creating content for YouTube requires time & effort which is not possible for everyone also getting views and subscriber are tough on YouTube.

My Opinion:

Tiktok video vs YouTube video batter platform. YouTube and TikTok Quality of any content depends on the respective audience and both platforms have different sets of audiences. One simply can’t abuse the other because they are not liking or enjoying the content available on that platform.

What is your opinion Tiktok vs YouTube Please Comment. … 👇

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