Thiruchitrambalam Review Update

Thiruchitrambalam Review Update

Thiru Movie Review: Fans’ faces lit up at the beautiful direction director Mithran Jawahar gave the movie Thiruchitrambalam. Dhanush, a character played by Nithya Menon, wins our affection.

The relationships of Thiruchitrambalam (Dhanush), a food delivery man, are the focus of the narrative. Thiruchitrambalam (Bharathiraja), the hero’s grandfather, is like a father to him. Neelakandan, the hero’s biological father, and the hero rarely interact (Prakash Raj).

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A crush from youth After a long absence, Anusha (Rashi Khanna) re-enters Hero’s life and suffocates him. Thiruchitrambalam’s neighbour Shobana (Nithya Menon) is always there to support him.

All of these characters’ futures are known. However, Mitran Jawahar did a fantastic job of portraying it on television. He presented well-known characters in a different point of view. We are drawn to a life of strength because of this.

One or two sequences lacked smooth motion, but it didn’t disturb us. The climax is very good. After watching the movie, Mitran Jawahar gives a thumbs up with a smile.