The State Government of Odisha Has Order To Stops Shooting

The Special Relief Commission (SRC) has ordered stops shooting both indoor and outdoor in state of Odisha.

Stops shooting in odisha, It may not be possible to watch new episodes of new movies or serials during the Lockdown. The state government has ordered stops the film and serial shooting in the state in view of the car’s covert crisis.

The Special Relief Commission (SRC) has ordered to stops both indoor and outdoor shooting in the state. The new guidelines have been added to the existing Covid lockdown in Odisha.

When the shooting is stops, many viewers will no longer be able to watch new episodes or movies on OTT channels, TVs, or other digital platforms. Repeated telecasts of serials, songs, and old movies, among other things, would satisfy viewers.

The government made this decision in order to break the COVID-19 infection chain because the coronavirus infection is spreading at an incredible speed of day by day.

Corona breaking news in Odisha, the novel coronavirus covid-19 has infected 612224 people, 514532 including those who have recovered. Coronavirus has killed the lives of 2366 people in Odisha. 95326 patients are now in the hospital and on their way to recovery.

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