The Pole Dancing Of Pagalpanti Actress Kriti Kharbanda Has Changed Her Body Language

The Pole Dancing of Pagalpanti Actress Kriti Kharbanda Has Changed Her Body Language

Kriti Kharbanda is a Bollywood actress. Pole Dancing is a popular method of workout for many of them. Kriti Kharbanda is also a big lover of pole dancing and has already shown off some impressive routines on social media. She took a break from it for more than a year, but she is now back to her favourite workout routine.

Kriti Kharbanda returned to pole dancing after almost a year and a half away. I didn’t have access to a pole during the pandemic, but I wished I did. And when I returned to pole dancing, I felt compelled to start from the beginning. But the sensation of relief and joy I experienced was incredible. ‘That is perhaps the most real laugh I have seen on someone who has returned to pole,’ my trainer said, staring at me. That’s how much missed it, and how glad I was to be able to do something I enjoy again.”

Pole dancing is Kriti’s go-to exercise routine. “It’s incredible; it’s the type of workout that makes you feel powerful. It’s a fantastic stress reliever. It requires such intense focus that you have no option but to block out all other emotions and thoughts, since one false step might result in harm.

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The ‘Housefull 4’ actress says; Pole dancing, in my opinion, helps you become in shape physically while also improving your mental health. I felt like I had meditated for an hour after performing a pole training session after such a long time. It was incredible.

Apart from fitness, Kriti Kharbanda points out that it has other advantages. More than anything else, my workout has helped me alter my body language.

She says; I know I’ve gained a lot more confidence, and I know I’m in better shape than I used to be. It’s probably something that gives you this much energy. It gives you the impression that you can conquer the world since you are working against gravity. It gives me an amazing sense of power, and I believe it is beneficial to everyone. Anyone interested in taking up pole dancing should give it a try.