Sushant Case, Court Praised The Charge Sheet Filed By NCB, 33 People Including Rhea

The death of Sushant Case will be in a year. It was investigated from several sides, and this continues to this day. The Bureau of Narcotics Control(NCB) has indicted a total of 33 people in its indictment, including Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Shuwik Chakraborty. The NDPS court commended the NCB for this charge.

The court stated in the NCB’s indictment that the prima facie case does a good job of investigating the charges. The complainant must depend on paperwork, including accurate records of telephone calls from several firms, whether you’re looking at a lawsuit or a prosecution statement. The applicant also relies on digital evidence along with documentary evidence.

Any of the defendants were summoned by the NADH court. With regard to Corona, all defendants are divided into three groups. The court ruled that the accused must appear in court on the scheduled date, regardless of where they are. The defendant’s appeal will be heard in a separate court session in this case.

Explain that on March 5, the NCB filed an indictment. Reha Chakraborty was among the people detained by the agency in connection with the investigation. Rhea Chakraborty and her brother were eventually granted bail and released. For quite some time, the NCB has been involved in this investigation.

The Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau has filed its first indictment, which is 11,700 pages long. The procedure included the names of Ria Chakraborty’s close relatives as well as some of the suspected drug smugglers. The NCB complaint was based on a chemical drug report, a WhatsApp chat, and a seizure report for electronic devices.

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The indictment included the accused’s evidence as well as other facts pertaining to the illicit selling of drugs. A large portion of the NCB’s indictment was also filed in digital format.

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