Sree Bahuda Rath Yatra, Shrikshetra Preparations: Bad Danda Hotel, Lodge Order To Be Close

During the Sree Bahuda Rath Yatra 2021, In Puri, Section 14 will be issued. Roofs and balconies of all buildings in Bad Danda are now subject to restrictions.

Preparations for Sree Bahuda Rath Yatra Shrikshetra. All major hotels, lodges, dharamsalas, and guest homes have been ordered to close till further notice. The owner will send a notice alert to the police.

The municipality is preparing a list of persons from both sides of the divide. From 9 p.m. tomorrow through 9 p.m. Wednesday, all stores, including pharmacies, offices, and business organisations, will be closed. Pharmacies and optical retailers will remain open in other areas.

On the other hand, three Ratha turned south yesterday for the Sree Puri Bahuda Rath Yatra 2021. After the morning incense protocol was followed and the pujapanda personnel on the three fences took command, Subhadra’s darpadalan Ratha was towed. To the garm basel, the hackkee, and the market’s Ratha, police stackersplants. To avoid the heat, the fire department moved south yesterday afternoon to give water spraying by the fire department.

Section 14 will be published at Puri during the Bahuda Jatra to Srigundicha. Roofs and balconies of all buildings in Bad Danda are currently subject to restrictions. On both sides of the bar, home, lodging, and private institutions will be surveyed and monitored using video visuals.

The district magistrate said yesterday that the administration had made arrangements for the Sree Bahuda Ratha Jatra to be conducted in a disciplined manner, with no family or visitors permitted to remain except locals.

Sand was placed on both sides of the bar before turning the Ratha to the south. The cracks in the Ratha’s wheels that had previously emerged had been fixed. The inspection of the three Ratha has also been finished by the technical committee. The three Ratha only had two days to turn south.

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