Somy Ali Raj Kundra News Update: Salman Khan Ex Girlfriend Reacted To Raj Kundra Case

Raj Kundra News Update: Many celebrities have spoken out in response to Raj Kundra’s arrest for making dirty films. Somy Ali, a former Bollywood actress, has lately made a strong statement on the matter.

Somy Ali – Raj Kundra News Update:

The arrest of Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty’s husband, for creating obscene films has shocked the whole Bollywood industry. Many celebrities have made remarks on the subject. Simultaneously, actress Somy Ali, who was recently Salman Khan’s girlfriend, has spoken out the matter of Raj Kundra case. She said – I don’t judge those who chose adult as a profession.

We don’t Have The Right To Judge Anyone – Somy Ali

In a recent interview, Somy Ali stated that it is important in all fields that no one be pressured. We also have no right to pass judgement on the people who work on these films. I have nothing against those who work in adult films or make a involved of it.

Somy Ali – People don’t tell what they like

Somy Ali claims that, irrespective of our emotions on anything, few people can avoid the need to say how much they enjoy or dislike watching adults.

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I am not against adult – Somy Ali

Finally, she stated that, while she does not pass judgement on anyone, it is completely unacceptable to her if the artist be hurt in any obscene effort. Apart from that, I have no objections to adults. Somy Ali’s statement has also risen in popularity of headlines.

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