Signal Messenger Seeing Huge Amount Of New Users Because Of Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Change

Signal Messenger: Signal app benefits from WhatsApp policy, the company says that in 2 days, many users install the application

Thanks to the new WhatsApp policy, people have now started installing new messaging applications. The Telegram and Signal Messenger application benefits the most from this. These applications are also discussed on social networks. On the other hand, there are jokes about the WhatsApp policy.

Is signal messenger really safe?

There have been recent reports of user information and data being collected by the messenger. In this, Telegram and Signal Messenger are the applications that are collecting the lowest data of users. The messenger contains only the user’s phone number.

Now people more reliance on Signal Messenger

The signal app has been on social media for the past 4 days. This is why it becomes the people’s first choice. Millions of people have downloaded it from the Google Play store. Signal also shared information on social media. The company said that our app’s downloads have increased over the past 4 days. Due to this, there is a delay in getting the verification code. The company has also released guidelines for connecting with the messaging platform.

Process of getting on signal from WhatsApp

  1. First, create a group of user logos. Now go to group settings and tap on the group link.
  2. Switch to group link creation and tap share.
  3. Now many apps will be available for sharing on your phone, select WhatsApp.
  4. WhatsApp users now have access to the token link, which allows the app to install.

Why should you worry about WhatsApp policy?

WhatsApp has made it clear in its new privacy & policy that users must share their privacy with the whatsapp company. That means WhatsApp will now keep a close watch on your data and your privacy will be completely lost. The number of WhatsApp active users in India is more than 400 million. This means that after completing the policy, the company will be able to access all data such as your expenses, IP address, location, status, content, calls. Overall, your privacy in the app will be completely lost.

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What is the new update of whatsapp?

The new policy states that if a company can upload, submit, store, send or receive content for WhatsApp to implement our services, the company may use, reproduce, distribute and display it anywhere. Users should accept this policy. It came into effect on 8 February 2021. It will be necessary to Agree after this date. If you do not have Agree, then you will not be able to use the account. For this you can visit the help center.

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