Shekhar Suman recommend to Bihar CM ‘Sushant Singh Rajput award’ for best newcomer

Shekhar Suman tweeted approximately suggesting to Bihar CM that an award for the excellent newcomer or a scholarship be instituted in Sushant Singh Rajput’s name.

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A spotlight of the 4 months because the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has been severa gestures held in his memory. Be it hashtags on social media that attracted worldwide interest or protest marches in various cities, ‘SSRians’ were vociferous in hailing the late actor sushant and looking for justice for him.
In the latest, Shekhar Suman recommended that an award for first-class newcomer will be committed in his name or a scholarship, and that he’ll enhance the advice with the Bihar Chief Minister.

Shekhar Suman shows award in Sushant Singh Rajput’s name

Taking to Twitter, Shekhar Suman recommended that the film industry or the Bihar government institute an award in honour of Sushant Singh Rajput for the first-class newcomer of the year. Also suggesting a scholarship, the actor shared that he might absolutely make the pointers to Bihar CM.


We shld just let Sushant be in a peaceful state.Enveloped in the brouhaha of sweet n gentle memories.Dipped in the sugar-honey goodness of warmth,affection and camaraderie .Otherwise the opportunists and the vultures wd feast on him and vandalize his purity.

— Shekhar Suman (@shekharsuman7) October 18, 2020

Shekhar Suman on Sushant

Recently, Shekhar Suman had additionally advised fans to allow Sushant continue to be in ‘non violent state’ amid the controversies surrounding his death. He warned in opposition to the ‘vultures vandalising his purity’, as he advised them to consider his sweet and gentle memories and goodness of warmth, affection and camaraderie.’ This changed into expressing his dissatisfaction over the tempo of the investigation being led via way of means of the Central Bureau of Investigation. 
Shekhar Suman had been one of the first to elevate loopholes in the demise of Sushant Rajput. He had visited SSR’s family in Patna, which is also his hometown, and met politicians to elevate demand for a CBI probe into the case days after the demise.
The CBI currently clarified that they have been still probing all angles because it hit out at the ‘speculative reports’ surrounding his death. This is other than the separate investigations being led through the Enforcement Directorate and Narcotics Control Bureau.
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