Shehnaz Gill New Song ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ Was Released, Fans Said ‘Siddharth Tera Hai.. Tera Hi Rahega’…

Punjabi singer and actress Shehnaz Gill new song ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ was released, She was devastated by the death of actor Siddharth Shukla. The love story, which began at Bigg Boss House, came to an abrupt end. Shehanaz has been missing from social media ever since. Now that everything is normal, Shehnaz wants to move forward with Siddharth’s memory.

Shehnaz Gill new song, who has disappeared, paid tribute today, which will once again bring tears to everyone’s eyes. The song has many memories of Siddharth-Shehnaz. Shehnaz Gill song Tu Yahi Hai Hai has been released.

Fans are shocked to see this. The song was composed by Raj Ranjodha. Shehnaz released its poster on Thursday. The two had a smiling face in the photo. The song will keep the audience hooked until the end. As you listen to this song, you will realize for yourself how special Siddharth is to Shehnaz. Shehnaz has not forgotten Siddharth since he left.

The song includes some video clips of Bigg Boss 13. In which Siddharth is seen having fun with Shehnaz. There will also be some emotional moments between the two. In addition, Siddhartha’s voice will be heard in the end. The beginning of this song is Sana’s hit dialogue Tu Mera Hai Aur Mera Hi Rahega … I don’t play games, I win, I win …. It has been well-received by fans. One observer commented that Siddhartha Shukla Tera Hai Aur Tera Hi Rahega.

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