"Shamshera Box Office Collection" Fails To Earn Rs 50 Crore In One Week

“Shamshera Box Office Collection” Fails To Earn Rs 50 Crore In One Week

Shamshera box office collection, people also scearch shamshera hit or flop at the box office, so the report fails to earn Rs 50 crore in one week.

Shamshera Box Office Collection: After a long waiting break, Ranbir is back on the big screen. He currently has back-to-back movies. After four years, Shamshera was granted her freedom. But it appears that the movie was never going to be a box office success. Shamshera box office collection In six days, the movie barely made Rs. 38.45 crore. It’s reported that everyone was let down by the movie’s plot.

Shamshera is a historical action-drama movie. On a $150 billion budget Shamshera, it was directed by Karan Malhotra. 4350 screens around the nation were used for the release. But even after three days, it still wasn’t able to hit the halls. Shamshera box office collection on its sixth day, on Wednesday, it earned in Rs 2.10 crore throughout the country.

The movie did, however, make Rs 10 crore on its first day. Surprisingly, this movie’s box office receipts did not rise noticeably throughout the first week. On the second day of release, 10 crore were made, and 11 crore on Sunday. On Monday, the fourth day, it was 2.85 crores; on Tuesday, it was 2.50 crores. But on Wednesday it made 2.10 crores. It seems that the film will flop and suffer a lot of losses. It is expected to touch 50 crores or not.

However, it generated 2.10 crores on Wednesday. It appears that the movie will flop and incur significant losses. Whether it reaches 50 crores is expected.