Satta King Online Betting Game 2 People Arrested For Online Betting In Ghaziabad

Satta King Online Betting Game 2 People Arrested For Online Betting In Ghaziabad

Satta King online betting game business was going on in a chic secular apartment, the police are also shocked by their ability to cheat.

Police in Indirapuram Sahibabad in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh arrested two accused of robbing a gang that was engaged in online betting in an apartment. At the same time, three defendants, including the gangster, are still in hiding. The police returned 10 thousand rupees from the accused, including 10 mobile phones, three laptops, 12 registers, 16 cards, 40 ATMs, 14 marks.

In just six months, the defendants racked up over Rs 1.5 lakh in debt. The police are on the lookout for the accused who has gone into hiding. Indirapuram CO According to Anshu Jain, an informant told Indirapuram police that online betting was taking place at the Esotech Cabana Windsor Society apartment. The apartment was raided by SHO Indirapuram Sanjeev Sharma, Criminal Inspector Sunil Singh, and his staff. The police arrested two of the accused on the spot.

The detainee confessed to satta king online game. The police caught them and took them to the police station. The two arrested defendants are Pramod Kumar resident Esotech Cabana Windsor and Pravesh Vishnoy resident of the Orange County Public Policy Department.

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The police confiscated 10 cellphones, three personal computers, and 12 entry logs, all of which were found in the accused’s flat. In addition, 16 PAN cards, 40 counterfeit ATM cards, 14 stamps, 3 voter IDs, 2 driver’s licences, 4 Aadhaar cards, and 25,000 rupees were confiscated at the scene.

During questioning, the defendant said that three of his comrades, Amrish Vishnoy, a Noida Sector 67 citizen, Bharat Bansal, and Ankit Garg, are still at large. Amrish and Bharat are the gang’s masters. Ankit, on the other hand, used to keep track of the whole exchange. Pravesh and Amrish’s actual brothers are among the accused who have been apprehended. It is a hospitality company to join Meerut. The defendants cheated over Rs 1.5 crore. CO said transaction details are being collected from fake accounts. Only then will his number become clear.

A police investigation revealed that Pramod was hired. Amrish transmitted data on the number of people to Pramod. After that, Pramod sent messages worth Rs, placing bets on these numbers in online games satta king. People who used to be interested. When he approached, Pramod gave the ID-password for satta king online betting.

A rupee was also deposited into his accounts in exchange for this. Winnings and losses were also credited to these accounts in rupees. Following that, the ATM cards associated with these accounts were used to withdraw funds. The prize money was not offered to the winners in rupees. Many of these accounts are established based on documentation obtained in exchange for a loan promise. Accounts were opened in various banks according to his own documents. The police found 40 to 50 accounts. Of these, the police froze three accounts.