Raj Kundra Latest News, Model Useed To Sign This Contract For Bold Scene See The Full Condition

Raj Kundra Latest News, Model Useed To Sign This Contract For Bold Scene See The Full Condition

Raj Kundra latest news: After the arrest of Raj Kundra, shocking revelations are happening every day. A copy of the contract was just obtained by the crime branch. The models were granted work in these films after signing the contract.

Raj Kundra Latest News, In the po*rnographic investigation involving Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra, the police just received an important clue. Let us inform you that the crime branch has now been given the contract.

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The models were given signed contracts and were forced to work in these films. You’ll be shocked to learn that when the actors and actresses were signed, it was stated that they must work in web series. While there was no mention of the show’s name in the contract. In addition, it was agreed between the parties that if the script is in high demand, they would be required to shoot bold, topless, and nude scenes.

It Was Also Mentioned In The Police Charge Sheet

Let us remind you that these scripts were also cited in the initial chargesheet produced for this case by the Crime Branch. At the same time, the authorities obtained the script for a film called ‘Dhokha’ as part of their investigation. The actors were shown this.

It had all of the scenes and scripts. Nude scenes were also addressed in the article. When an actor or model refused to do these scenes, he was put under pressure by showing him the contract.

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Poonam Pandey News: Many Actresses And Models Made Revelations

Many famous models, including Poonam Pandey and Jewel Vashisht, have revealed similar details to the police. That they have been signed on to similar contracts while providing services.

At the same time, other victims informed the police that the entire contract was written in English, and that when it came time to sign it, the people there used to explain it to us in their own way before signing it. After that, he was threatened to shoot.

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Raj Kundra Latest News, This Was Written Contract Of This Production

I am grateful that you have cast me as an artist in your new web series, according to this contract. My salary is ten thousand rupees. On this day, this web series, produced by Flizz Movies, will be launched on a major OTT platform throughout the world.

I agree to offer this film personal, sensual, and bold scenes such as liplock, kiss, and a topless naked scene. I’m giving this scene with my permission, and the production house isn’t pressuring me to do so. I declare that I have no objections to the production company distributing any of the film’s bold/erotic/topless/nude scenes on any OTT platform or website. In this regard, I will make no claim or allegation.

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Script Found Here

Let us remind you that the police raided Mud Island’s Green Villa bungalow in February. Where did he get his memory card? It contained the whole script for the po*rnographic film’s production. The Crime Branch is now investigating into the case.