Raj Kundra Case: Rakhi Sawant Fiercely Took Sherlyn Chopra’s Class, Said; Everyone Knows What Work You Do

Raj Kundra Case, the husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and a businessman, is currently in jail. He was detained by Mumbai’s Crime Branch for creating pornographic movies and posting them on apps. Along with Raj, a slew of other persons have been caught up in the po*rnographic case. The Mumbai Police probe is also in full flow.

Raj Kundra, according to the police, is the main mastermind behind this crime. Since Raj Kundra’s arrest, all of the people have been questioned. Simultaneously, Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey have levelled many charges against Raj Kundra in this case. Rakhi Sawant, the Bollywood drama queen, has come out in support of Raj Kundra in the wake of Sherlyn Chopra’s allegation.

Following that, the two fight in a long fight. Sherlyn has already made a comment regarding Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi, on the other hand, has completely shamed Sherlyn by posting the video on Facebook.

Sherlyn had already urged Rakhi Sawant not to make a comment in this case because she was unrelated to it. Sherlyn, on the other hand, had termed Rakhi “crazy” and argued that poor girls’ statements should not be ignored lightly. While sharing the Facebook video, Rakhi Sawant wrote in the caption, ‘Sherlyn Chopra everyone knows what you do.’

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Rakhi Sawant Exposed Sherlyn Chopra

Rakhi is heard saying in this video, “Sherlyn has only done erotic videos for 15 years?” When the time comes, I will also walk my leg and then break it. If you care about girls, why are you a nudist? Even a cloth is visible on the body, which is funny.

‘If Sherlyn Chopra ji gets better, we’ll take a bath in the Ganges,’ Rakhi added. You, too, have the potential to be a great dancer or actor… Why didn’t you put in the effort in serials and movies? You had a shot on Bigg Boss, and you didn’t even raise any red lights. You’ve just created po*rnographic videos. By doing Kama*sutra, you have become a great sati Savitri and are giving judgment about me, so I am also not Sita-Gita-Meera… I am Rakhi Sawant. The people of the country, type Sherlyn Chopra nude video and watch it.’

‘A girl eats bread by working hard by lifting cement and erecting a structure, a girl eats bread by working hard by dancing,’ Rakhi continued. I believe that if you want to leave your old job and become a better person today, we are all behind you. You don’t have to explain why I said this; this is democracy, and you haven’t signed the contract to speak.

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