Raj Dagwar Pune Pict Engineering Student Holding Placard Tell Me Your Story ill Give You 10 Rupees

Who is Raj Dagwar? Raj Dagwar Pune
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These days, a 22 year final year engineering student Raj Dagwar Pune a student stands with a poster on Fergusson College Street in the city of Pune. On which it is written: “Tell me your story, I will give you 10 rupees.” Seeing this, passers by stare at it for a few seconds, and the steps automatically stop. When people pass, they understand the whole story.

The name of this man who stands with a placard is Raj Dagwar Pune, a student of computer engineering final year at PRCT College, Pune. Originally from Nagpur, Raj’s family lives in Dubai and he is living here and studying. People are scrolling this initiative on social media.

Raj Dagwar says, “There are a variety of people around us who have fallen sad and alone. While staying at home, he can not share any of his case and suffocates in it. The situation worsened during the exclusion. Many people have had depression due to loneliness”.

Everyone needs someone to talk to,’ says Raj. So that you can share everything, ease the burden of the mind and give proper advice. But, not everyone is lucky because they have good friends or someone who speaks openly.

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Image Credit : Raj Dagwar Instagram

Raj Dagwar explains, On the night of December 4, when I was scrolling on my Instagram feed, I saw a post on a page. Where it was written, Tell me your story, and I will give you one dollar. I loved the concept and shared it and decided that the next day I would do the same. Just then, I prepared a placard and in the evening stood on the street. I stand there from 6 pm to 10-11 pm and listen to the stories of the people.

He said, ‘Today, 15 to 20 people stop telling me their stories every day. Some people just stop to look at me. Some people think I will ask for 10 rupees and they give me money and they leave. Then I comfortably explain to them what I am trying to say.

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I’ve also experienced depression in my life, says Raj Dagwar. In 2019, my condition was such that I could not share my point of view with anyone. One of my college teachers saw my behavior and realized that I was depressed, so they helped me. They sent me to a psychiatrist, I told them everything, and after that I felt very good.

He says, ‘When I started listening to the memories of people happening the streets, I did not inform my mother and father about it. But, after some days he came to recognize through social media and articles, he had a very good response.

Raj ‘Now there is a production permit, so I listen to their stories for five hours every day to help people. Later, I do it every weekend and many people join me.

Raj Dagwar says, This initiative will go much further. I just started this in Pune, but I wrote to people all over the country on Instagram account that they also want to start this in their city. I am glad to know that thanks to my initiative there is an understanding of mental health among others and they want to help people.

He said, ‘All I want to tell people is that a lot of people around us really need help. If you find every person who’s experiencing mental pressure or depression, please speak to them. You just give him five minutes of your life and see how you can change someone’s life. Look, it sounds good.

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