Protect your eye from mobile screen light dark circles solution

Protect your eye from mobile screen light dark circles solution


Are you spending all day staring at one mobile screen or another? Whether for work or to relax,the endless mobile screen time takes a toll on our eyes and the skin around it.

Mobile Screen Light Effect

So if your eyes are constantly dry, red or itchy and you have headaches or blurry vision, or you’re suffering from those dreaded panda dark circles, here are some tips to see you through it!

Some Tips Use Mobile Screen Light And Dark Circle Effect Solution

The blue light from mobile screens can strain your eyes and even cause insomnia. So if you just
can’t stop bingeing that new show or scrolling through instagram,facebook and YouTube etc download a blue light filter or eye protection mobile screen app on your computer or phone to change the temperature of the screen light.

You can even change the mobile screen light and colour settings built into your phone for healthier scrolling!

Protect your eye from mobile screen light

If you spend maximum of your time working on a computer, mobile etc invest in blue light or eye protection blocking glasses that will make your eyes much more comfortable.

Relieve tension in the muscles around your
eyes by using your finger tips to apply light
pressure on the eye socket bones. This will relax the nerves and also help improve blood circulation and more improvement feel good and relaxing our body.

This magic number that will give your eyes
some much needed relief through the day!
Take a break every tharty minutes and look at an object in your house or outside that is 20 feet away for 30 seconds. The change in vision reduces the strain and keeps you feeling fresh.

Blinking helps produce tears to keep your
eyes lubricated and prevents dryness and itchiness.

So skip the medicated eye drops and blink
away because this is the one time a few tears will do your body some good!

Unfortunately puffy eyes and dark circles
come hand in hand with extended mobile screen light time. To brighten up the area mix together 2 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of finely ground coffee for an energising eye mask.

The jolt of caffeine helps wake up your tired eyes and reduce dark circles while the cooling yogurt banishes puffiness. Along with an overdose of screens, dry eyes are also a symptom of dehydration. Although coffee is great as a mask, too much of it in your body will have you seeing double.

Instead drink tons of water and replenishing fruit juices. Finally, the most obvious tip that you’ve probably heard a hundred times is to go screen free whenever possible.

If being on a device isn’t essential, try going old school with pen and paper or spend
your down time listening to music or pickingup that book you didn’t think you had time for and save the screens for another day.

We hope these tips help you keep your eye
on your screen time and build healthier habits to have you seeing clearly. Your eye is most valuable for you. So protect your eye and take care yourself.


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