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Professor Chaman Lal Objections To PM Modi Photo On Vaccines Certificates

JNU Professor Chaman Lal objections to PM Modi photo and refuses to receive a Covid vaccine certificate.

Professor Chaman Lal Objections To PM Modi Photo; He said in a letter to the Punjab Chief Minister that he is 74 years old. According to my age and medical advice, getting the vaccine is critical on all fronts, but I am unable to do so for this one reason.

In the region, the second phase of corona vaccination will begin on May 1. However, Chaman Lal, the former Dean of Punjab University and a former professor at JNU, has declined to take the vaccine. He has written a letter to Punjab’s Chief Minister, not only explaining why, but also reiterating his demand.

He wrote in the letter that I need to be vaccinated for Covid-19 at the age of 74 because it is medically necessary. But, as a Punjabi citizen and a global citizen, I have some personal and social objections. As a result, I have yet to receive the vaccine and remain hesitant. As a result, I’d like to express myself here.

I hope the priority will be on saving the lives of millions of people through vaccination, he said. But the certificate released with vaccination, to which Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo has been forcefully and compulsorily applied, is my primary reason for refusing to remove it.

He claims that no other country in the world has a vaccine certificate with an image of a government official. This is a nationwide standard that must be signed and stamped by a local health or medical officer. Helpless people in India are given certificates that include a portrait of the ruling leader. This is something I strongly oppose. As the politics and criminal negligence of the ruling party is exposed.

Professor Chaman Lal has expressed his dissatisfaction in ten points in a letter to the Punjab government, requesting that the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi be removed from the Corona vaccines certificate issued in the state. Read More

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