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Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Radio Programme Mann Ki Baat December 2020

Mann Ki Baat December 2020: Modi said, “By creating the world-class products needed for a self-sufficient India, do the best in the world here.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the radio on Sunday, the last heart of the year. Modi said the year will pass after four days. This year has seen many challenges and crises, but we have created new potential.

Mann Ki Baat December 2020 Today Highlight:

People submitted new ideas in the new year Today is December 27th. The new year is set to begin 4 days later. The next point of thinking will be in 2021. I have a lot of letters written in front of you. There are suggestions as well. Many people spoke on the telephone. Most of these things are years of experience and New Year’s resolutions. Anjali ji has written that this time we will do this new work to congratulate the country and wish it well.

Now the emphasis is on independence Friends, there will be many crises in the country, there have been obstacles in the world’s supply chain, but we have faced each crisis with courage. Abhinav from Delhi had to give gifts to children. They went to the Jandevalan market. Abhinav says there are shopkeepers selling goods and claims that these toys are made in India. People also love toys made in India. This change happened a year later. Even economists cannot measure this scale.

Use the indigenous Venkat Muraliprasad ji from Visakhapatnam shared another idea with me. They write- I have attached my ABC for 2021. I didn’t understand what he meant by ABC. Then Venkat ji also attached a letter with the letter. With ABC they mean self-sufficient ABC board in India. This is very interesting.

Venkat ji has made a complete list of all the things he uses every day. Venkat ji has said that we are inadvertently using foreign products that have options readily available in India. Now they swore that I would use the same product that the effort and sweat of our countrymen had.

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Our products are world-class Local Vocal: it is now echoing from house to house. In this situation, it is time to ensure that our products are global. Whatever the best in the world, we should do it in India. To do this, our entrepreneurial colleagues must come. Startups also need to move forward.

Today Mann Ki Baat Summary

Today is also the day of martyrdom From the oppressors, many sacrifices were made to keep the country’s thousands of years antique culture, civilization, our customs. On 27 December, Guru Govind’s sons Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh have been picked alive in the wall. The tyrants desired Sahibzade to give up getting to know of the great Guru tradition, however he showed great courage even at an early age.

Historical growth in the number of leopards The number of leopards, that is, leopards, in India increased by more than 60% between 2014 and 2018. In 2014, the number of leopards in the country was about 7,900, and in 2019 their number increased to 12,852. About the Leopard, Jim Corbett said: “Those who have not seen leopards roam freely, they cannot imagine their beauty.” Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are at the top of the most populous leopard states. This is a great achievement.

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Show sensitivity to each people and animals I study about the heartfelt effort made with the aid of using Tamil Nadu. We’ve all visible wheelchairs with people, however one daughter from Coimbatore, Gayatri, along with her father, made a wheelchair for the ill dog. This can occur while someone is complete of kindness and compassion for living things. The cows are being made in Kaushambin (Uttar Pradesh) to protect the cows from the cold with old and torn blankets

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