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Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan Case, Police Questioned Prakruti Mishra About 7 Points

prakruti mishra babu shaan relationship news
Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan

Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan News Update: A female police officer interrogated Prakruti Mishra for 1 hour. Let’s see..

Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan News Update: In connection with the Babu Shaan-Trupti Satapathy-Prakruti Mishra conflict, police have questioned actress Prakruti Mishra. A police officer from the Bhubaneswar kharabela nagar police station questioned Prakruti Mishra at her home.

The IIC of the police station in Kharabela Nagar, where Prakruti was questioned in relation to the incidence, stated that Prakruti Mishra was questioned in front of her parents. Prakruti Mishra was questioned by a female police officer for an hour. He has offered complete cooperation to the inquiry, according to the police.

What Did The Police Ask Prakruti Mishra?

  1. In what situation does the road face Babu Shaan Prakruti Mishra and Trupti Satapathy?
  2. Why did Babu Shaan’s wife Trupti Satapathy beat Prakruti Mishra?
  3. Who was present during the hydra on the road?
  4. Who shot the video of the incident and went viral?
  5. How close is the relationship between Prakruti Mishra and Babu Shaan?
  6. Did Prakruti Mishra live in a live-in relationship with Babu Shaan?
  7. Did Babu Shaan and Prakruti Mishra take any drugs?

Actor Babu Shaan and actress Prakruti Mishra were discovered together on the morning of July 23 and caused a disturbance. There was a claim that he had fought and even physically assaulted Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan. Due to the circumstances, Prakruti Mishra, who was seated next to Babu Shaan, attempted to leave the lane and leave the area. Whose viral video did.


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