Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan: Babusan Will Not Do A Movie With Prakruti Mishra See Video

Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan: Babusan will not do a movie with Prakruti Mishra See Video

Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan: Through a video message, actor Babu Shaan informed the people of Odisha that he would not be working on a film with Prakruti Mishra. Babu Shaan stated, “I had no idea there was so much problems in my home.

Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan: Ollywood hero Babu Shaan Mohanty has decided that he will no longer work with Prakruti Mishra. Babu Shaan Mohanty won’t do a movie with any actress if Prakruti Mishra is the only one who needs it. Through a video message, Babu Shaan himself informed the people of Odisha.

Actor Babu Shaan, who was on tour in Chennai when the event occurred, has produced a video explaining what happened. He stated that he has made a significant decision affecting his family and professional lives in this 54-second video message. In addition, he voiced his rage at the incident from yesterday and remarked, “I know you must be thrilled after watching my viral video.”

I was invited to attend Prakruti Mishra when I travelled to Chennai to witness Utkal Dibas. I came here to make an announcement about my new movie with him and to promote my movie. I was unaware of the extent of the issues in my home. I won’t make that movie, and I won’t make a movie with him, if there are so many issues in the family. If required, I won’t collaborate with any actresses. In a video message, Babu Shaan said something along these lines.

However, the incident is evolving as it takes different turns. Sangthi Shatpathi Kei vs. actor Babu Shaan and actress Prakruti Mishra. Mother-in-law After registering a case against Prati’s father, mother Babu Shaan’s wife, and father-in-law at the kharabela nagar police station, Aparajita Mohanty and her daughter-in-law Trupti Satapathy arrived at the station. Prior to taking the daughter-in-law to the Kharbehnagar police station, Aparajita went to the residence where she was staying. Trupti Satapathy was with her along with Aparajita. The police officer, on the other hand, stated that two cases have been filed and that an investigation is ongoing.

Notably, Babu Shaan’s wife Trupti Satapathy made a scene yesterday when she found actor Babu Shaan and actress Prakruti Mishra together. Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan is accused of fighting with him and assaulting him. Due to the circumstances, Prakruti Mishra, who was seated next to Babu Shaan, attempted to flee by getting down from the lane, and the footage of her attempt has since gone viral.