Nikki Tamboli Trolled, Nikki Tamboli Treanding On Twitter "Nikki Tamboli Aukat Me Reh"

Nikki Tamboli Trolled, Nikki Tamboli Treanding On Twitter “Nikki Tamboli Aukat Me Reh”

Why Nikki tamboli treanding on twitter the trend “Nikki Tamboli Aukat Me Reh” suddenly appeared on Twitter, the actress Nikki Tamboli reply to the trolls as positively On March 18, Bigg Boss 14 went viral again on Twitter after a few weeks when “Nikki Tamboli Aukat Me Reh” and “Aly Sirf Jasmin Ka Hai” suddenly went viral on social media. On Thursday, Jasmine and Aly fans looked at Nikki Tamboli very aggressively.

By the way, Nikki Tamboli trolled on social networks is not new, she was trolled many times during Bigg Boss 14, but then she could not answer due to the fact that she was in the house. But when people trolled Nikki after leaving the house, the actress did not sit silently while trolling and gave a trolling Nikki Tamboli reply to the trolls.

In fact, VJ Andy Kumar interviewed Nikki Tumboli where in he found out about her dating with Nikki about each dating in the house. During this interview, Nikki admitted that she has a weak angle in the direction of Aly, she likes Aly. But no matter this, she in no way crossed her line, due to the fact she is aware of how a lot Jasmine and Aly love together . Nikki also agreed that if Aly desires to pass on a date together along with her after breaking up with Jasmine, then the actress can go on a date too.

During the interview, Nikki fiercely praised Aly Goni and openly stated that Aly is the guy he likes. Nikki also said that Jasitayan does not have a fan base. Now this soft corner for Nikki Ka Aly did not like the fans of Jasmine and Aly at all, and they began to Nikki Tamboli Trolled.

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After this, Nikki Tamboli also did now no longer take a seat down silent and replied to the trollers, she tweeted a tweet on her Twitter handle. In her tweet, the actress shared a screenshot of that hashtag and wrote, ‘Oh wow! Like this or that, hate or love, it’s far heartening to look that a few people have a lot time to speak about me. Hmmmmm! Has this also been paid?