Nia Sharma Explan How Her Fashion Choices Have Been Judged By People

Nia Sharma Explan How Her Fashion Choices Have Been Judged By People

Nia Sharma discusses how she faced with critical opinions and being judged for her fashion choices.

Nia Sharma, a well-known actress, is one of the well-known figures in television. With the television programme Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, in which she played Maanvi Chaudhary, Nia had her first significant break in the acting career.

She then made multiple television appearances and music videos. Nia has a confident, daring sense of style. She enjoys wearing anything that captures her upbeat and contagious attitude, whether it is athleisure or sexy dress.

Being Nia hasn’t been simple, though; the actress was misunderstood and frequently criticised for her fashion sense.

Nia Sharma discusses dealing with critical remarks about her sense of style in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla. Let’s get to the point, please, reads Nia’s Instagram bio for those who are unfamiliar. Despite being described as “beautiful,” her Twitter bio reads, “Extremely ugly… lacks fashion sense… ham… congirl!” When questioned about the inspiration for her creative social media biographies, Nia revealed: “It’s all the names people give me. I write what people want to hear because of this. People describe me as a fashion catastrophe, unattractive, or other things “.

The Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai actress continues, “I am taken a liking to hearing or reading these obscene comments about myself. How I commit the worst fashion faux pas by dressing simply and wearing minimum clothing. I have no sense of style and just know how to flaunt my figure and cleavage.

I learned these things about myself as a child, therefore that is how I now describe myself. This is neither a revolution or a pointless undertaking, Nia adds. People around me view me in that way, and that is who I am.

Nia mentioned that she prefers to be open and talk about individuals above other things in her Instagram profile. Since it frustrates me when certain celebrities speak continuously or in great detail, she says, “I have a simple request for everyone in life right now. I’m trying to save everyone’s time, so either it works or it doesn’t. It won’t wither or fade away.

“I tried to seem a specific way, of course I mean, how I always wanted to look and the kind of things I always wanted to wear,” Nia explains. This only occurred once I started earning money. Own money is merely a way of life when I have the freedom to do what I want.

Actress Nia Sharma also discusses how her frequent criticism of her clothing choices has aided in her development. “I don’t mind the attention, I simply thought something good came out of it,” she says. It paved the path for me and increased my popularity. However, I’ve never attempted to depict myself in any manner or done something so desperate or inorganic.