Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold: Neeraj Chopra Creates History In Tokyo Olympics, Won Gold Medal In Javelin Throw

Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold: Neeraj Chopra has given India a gold medal in javelin throw. At the same time, Bajrang Punia won the bronze medal in wrestling earlier.

Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold: Neeraj Chopra created a new history in Indian sports by winning the gold medal in the javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Neeraj threw 87.58 meters in his second attempt, which was enough to get the gold medal. India has won its first Olympic gold medal in athletics. With this, he ended India’s wait of more than 100 years to win an Olympic medal in athletics. 

Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold: 23-year-old Neeraj Chopra has created history by winning the gold medal in javelin throw. This is India’s first gold and seventh medal overall in Tokyo Olympics 2020

India’s first gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is nearly definite. So far, Neeraj Chopra is leading in the throws. Neeraj threw the javelin 87.88 metres in the second throw. The last javelin throw contest for Neeraj Chopra has started. He threw the javelin 87 metres away in the first round. In the javelin throw, Neeraj Chopra has win gold for India.

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After being fouled in the fourth and fifth tries, Neeraj Chopra made 84.24m on his sixth attempt. The javelin was thrown at a distance, however the distance of 87.58 measured in the second try was the foundation for his gold medal. This distance was not broken by Pakistani Arshad Nadeem or any other athlete. This also made it apparent to Neeraj Chopra’s approach that he poured all of his power and efforts into the early tries, and that this effort won him a place in Indian sports history that would be written in gold letters forever.

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