MP Maneka Gandhi Complaint To Inspector, Beat Him On My Behalf And Slap Two, Audio Viral

MP Maneka Gandhi, a youth was beaten up by a dog with sticks in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, when BJP MP Maneka Gandhi called the inspector and requested him to take action against the youth. During his chat with the Inspector, the MP further stated that the youth who murdered the dog should be sent to jail and that he should be beaten on my behalf and slapped twice.

The MP informed the inspector that he should get whatever money was spent on the dog’s treatment from the accused kid. The MP’s interaction with Inspector Vijay Seth, Chairman of the Sitapur Animal Services Committee, has gone viral on social media. After filing a case based on the Animal Services Committee’s complaint, the police have started their search for the suspect.

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi Ordered For Strong Action

The incident occurred in the Gwal Mandi neighbourhood of the city’s Kotwali district. On June 18, Ramesh Verma, a resident, beat up a dog jumping outside the home with sticks. This dog-beating event was caught on camera by the cctv system in place, and it went viral on social media.

When Vijay Seth, the president of Sitapur’s Animal Services Committee, learned of the dog’s beating, he took it to the District Veterinary Hospital for treatment, where doctors notified him of his fractured leg and started his treatment. The Animal Services Committee brought the case to Sultanpur’s BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, who ordered stern punishment against the culprits.

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Police Started Investigation By Registering A Complant

Late Sunday evening, the chairman of the Animal Services Committee went viral on social media with two audio recordings of a conversation with MP Maneka Gandhi.

In the first recording, the MP discusses going to Kotwali and filing a complaint, while in the second tape, Inspector Kotwali Tej Prakash Singh files a complaint and orders action against the suspected youth.

On the basis of a complaint from the Animal Services Committee, the police have filed a complaint against the accused youth under the serious sections of the Protection of Cruelty to Animals Act. The suspected youth will be arrested, according to the inspector, and the case will be investigated.

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