Love Story Review: Watch Chaitu, Sa Yipallavila 'Love Story' How Is It ..

Love Story Review: Watch Chaitu, Sa Yipallavila ‘Love Story’ How is it ..

Love Story Review: Shekhar Kammula’s approach is to show a variety of films with interesting stories. Nagachaitanya and Sai Pallavi have done a love story movie as a pair after the blockbuster hit of ‘Fida’ with Varun Tej at the time. The picture, which had been continuously delayed owing to Corona, was eventually released today (September 24).

With the positive response to the previously released songs, teaser, and trailer, as well as the film’s extensive promotion, the film has high expectations. And let’s see how well ‘Love Story‘ met those expectations in the love story movie review.

What is the ‘Love Story’ Movie story?

Rewanth (Naga Chaitanya), a member of an oppressed social class, travels from Nizamabad to Hyderabad to conduct business. He rents a home and conducts a zumba dance studio there. After completing her B.Tech, Maunika (Sai Pallavi) from Rewanth village travels to Hyderabad in search of work. Rewanth becomes a partner at Zumba Center after failing to find work despite his best attempts. Revanth, who belongs to a variety of social groupings, builds a bond with the Maunikas. It takes a long time to turn into love.

When they want to take this love affair to the wedding, the middle caste gets in the way. What happened next in their love story? After conquering the caste barrier, how did Maunika and Revanth finally unite? The rest of the narrative is as follows.

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How did you do that ..?

Revanth role was played by Nagachaitanya. Chaitu has made great progress, particularly in the area of dance. This film, unlike prior films, takes a rigorous, step-by-step method. As usual, Sai Pallavi transcended in the silent role. Then there’s the Sai Pallavi dance. Climbing tough steps is simple. Both of them performed an excellent job in the emotional parts, giving solid performances. Except for Revanth, the silent characters on the movie screen, Sai Pallavi and Chaithu are not visible at all.

In the part of the hero mother, Ishwarirao impresses with her natural acting. In the role of Maunika Babai Narasimham, Rajiv Kanakala shines. He’s the one who’s in charge of the negative hues. Devyani, who played the heroine’s mother, and Uttej, who played the essayist, did their role well.

How is it ..?

The film ‘Love Story,’ directed by Shekhar Kammula, focuses on issues of caste and gender discrimination in society. Both of these topics are delicate. Many people are still unwilling to discuss these issues. It can be humiliating to read articles about such topics of love story movie review.

Shekhar Kammula delicately showed such a delicate subject on the screen. The characters’ backgrounds are really natural. Although some of the emotions in the films are well-expressed, the audience is bored by the sloppy scenes. Some of the sequences between the hero and heroines, particularly those in the second half, have a cinematic quality to them.

Fastoff is all about entertainment, and by the time the secondoff arrives, the story’s emotions are running deep. The scenes between the hero and heroines are a little too long. The climax, on the other hand, is unimpressive. 

In the second half, some scenes, in particular, need to be trimmed more crisply. The banner level corresponds to the construction values. ‘Love Story‘ is a fantastic message film in everyone.