Live President Donald Trump Holds News Conference

Live President Donald Trump Holds News Conference

Relations with China additionally because the developments at city were a former policeman has currently been in remission here’s the president measures to shield yankee security and prosperity China’s pattern

of misconduct is acknowledge for many years they’ve ripped off the us.

Like nobody has ever done before many billions of greenbacks a year were lost coping with China particularly over the years throughout the previous administration China.

Trump holds news conference from White House

Raided our factories off shore our jobs gutted our industries scarf our property and profaned their commitments beneath the planet Trade Organization.

To make matters worse they’re thought-about a developing nation obtaining all varieties of advantages that others together with the us.

But I even have ne’er alone goddam China for this.


They were ready to flee with the thievery like nobody was ready to flee with before owing to past politicians.

The President candidly past however not like people who came before my administration.

It’s referred to as honest and reciprocal treatment of china has additionally unlawfully claimed territory within the Pacific.

Threatening freedom of navigation and international trade and that they stone-broke their word to the planet on making certain.

The autonomy of port the us needs AN open and constructive relationship with China however achieving hat relationship needs United States of America.

violated its guarantees to United States of America and then several

is currently suffering as a results of the wrong doing of the Chinese government.

President Trump coronavirus briefing at the White House

China’s hiding of the metropolis virus allowed the illness to unfold everywhere the globe instigating a world pandemic that has value
more than 100,000 yank lives and over 1,000,000 lives worldwide.

Chinese officers unmarked their coverage duties to the globe Health Organization and pressured.

The World Health Organization to inform the globe once the virus was once 1st found by
Chinese authorities infinite lives are taken and profound financial has been inflicted all around.


The globe they powerfully supported con to Pine Tree State doing the first ban from China but I did it anyway accustomed be confirmed to be 100 p.c correct.

Statement from President Trump

China has complete manipulate over the Global Health Organization in spite of entirely paying forty million greenbacks per twelve months in distinction to what the us has been paying that is regarding 450 million greenbacks a twelve months

we have distinct the reforms that it got to build and interact with them at once but they need refused to act thanks to the actual fact they need didn’t build the requested and notably wanted reforms.

We will be recently terminating our relationship with the globel Health Organization and redirecting these cash to completely different international and worth pressing international public fitness wants.

The State Department’s travel advisory for

The United States will also take necessary steps to sanctioned PRC and Hong Kong officials directly or indirectly involved in eroding Hong Kong’s

President Trump holds daily coronavirus briefing at the White House 

China’s recent moves to incorporate Hong Kong under its blanket of authority

The early stages of the corona virus pandemic but it was striking to see President Trump was tweeting about the death he’s clearly been watching what’s happening with Mr Floyd’s death.

President Trump’s focus was on China in his remarks now of course he is dealing with a dual crisis the pandemic.

That has been ravaging this country now more than a hundred thousand American
deaths. And this new crisis this race crisis that we are witnessing unfold and so this is a real leadership test for this president we know that his chief rival.

Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden has spoken to the family of George Floyd we know that he’s going to be talking to our Craig Melvin about that a little bit later on today.

Live President Donald Trump Holds News Conference

He has spoken out about Mr Floyd we have yet to hear fulsome remarks from President Trump. What happened in Minneapolis and what he plans to do about it. 

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