Kisan Morcha Boycott Sooryavanshi Film In Punjab

Kisan Morcha Boycott Sooryavanshi Film In Punjab

In Punjab, the protest against and boycott Sooryavanshi movie is being protested, the farmers organization did not allow them to run the Sooryavanshi movie in film hall…

Punjab is a state where it is in trouble, while Akshay Kumar’s film Sooryavanshi has been released across the country. Much has been heard about these films, but news from Punjab could exacerbate the problem of producers.

It was released on November 5 at the Sooryavanshi Theater. Since its inception, protests have been raging in Punjab farmers organizations. Many people boycott Sooryavanshi film has started on social media. Farmers organizations did not allow the film to be released in halls in many parts of Punjab. According to reports, the show has decided to run in two halls in Budhlada, Punjab. Protests are raging in many parts of Punjab, which seems to be intensifying.

Kisan Morcha of Punjab has decided to boycott Sooryavanshi film completely. He believes that Akshay Kumar is very close to the then ruling BJP. Akshay Kumar’s closeness to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led to opposition. The information was allegedly given to Hussein by the ambassador.

There can also be a protest against his film on Saturday. Kisan Morcha has called for a boycott of the film from social media accounts. Now it remains to be seen how much the Kisan Morcha movement against Sooryavanshi will affect the film’s business. Surabhani makers in Punjab may face heavy losses due to rising protests.