Kiara Advani's Heart Came On Neeraj Chopra, Kiara Advani Says Neeraj Chopra Is International Crush

Kiara Advani’s heart came on Neeraj Chopra, Kiara Advani Says Neeraj Chopra is International Crush

Almost every girl of India is getting addicted to Neeraj Chopra today. At the same time, now Kiara Advani has even told him her crush.

Neeraj Chopra, who gave Indians a reason to be proud by winning a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, is also a fans of Bollywood celebrities. She is appreciated everywhere, from social media to Neeraj. Discussions regarding Neeraj’s win in the javelin throw have been going on since he won the gold medal.

Kiara Advani was impressed by Neeraj Chopra

Today, almost every Indian girls is attached with Neeraj. Kiara Advani has revealed her crush at the same moment. In fact, the film ‘Sher Shah,’ starring Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra, is currently generating a lot of buzz. Kiara and Siddharth also appeared on a number of television shows to promote the film.

The audience is excited about the patriotic film. When questioned about Neeraj Chopra in an interview during the promotion, Kiara Advani Says, Neeraj Chopra is not only a national crush, but has become a international crush after her victory. Simultaneously, Siddharth believed that Neeraj is the genuine ‘Sher Shah,’ who has highlighted the country’s name.

These Actors Should Do My Biopic

Neeraj Chopra gave an interview to a web portal in the year 2018, while he was still relatively unknown across the country. During this interview, he mentioned his desire to see either Akshay Kumar or Randeep Hooda in his biopic if it were to be filmed in Bollywood in the future.

It would be excellent, he believes, if his biopic were created and one of these two actors played his role. When asked about it, Akshay laughed and replied, “I think he is a fine looking gorgeous man.” He should play the starring role in my biopic if it is created.

Let us remind you that Akshay Kumar congratulated Neeraj Chopra on his win via Twitter. He wrote in this tweet. ‘First and foremost, this is the gold medal. Neeraj Chopra deserves our heartfelt congratulations for making history. You’re the one who’s accountable for a billion happy tears. Neeraj Chopra, you does well.