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Kangana Ranaut criticizes Priyanka Chopra and Diljit Dosanjh over farmers’ protests

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Image Credit: Kangana Ranaut Twitter

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said on Saturday on social media that she was threatened with rape and death. Describing the farming movement as politically motivated, he said that while talking about the farming movement, I have encountered emotional and mental lynching on the Internet for the past 10-12 days. Kangana said that terrorists are also taking part in the movement.

Speaking on social media, the bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said,

“I promised that I might speak to you whilst the fund for the peasant motion breaks out, as Shahin Bagh did. What questions am I not allowed to ask in this country? And Prime Minister Modi clarified everything. Then there is no doubt about it. It has been proven that this whole movement is inspired by politics and terrorists are also involved in it”.

“I actually have lived in Punjab. I recognize that 99.9% Punjabi do not need Khalistan. He does not need to divide this country. He belongs to India. He has everything from Arunachal Pradesh to Maharashtra, Delhi, Himachal. All are patriots. I haven’t any complaint with those terrorists, I can understand the emotions of folks that need to break this country. But how can innocent and intelligent people of our country let terrorists play with their emotions. Shaheen Bagh’s grandmother knew nothing about the citizenship law”.

“What is happening in this country? Friends, why are we making ourselves so weak in the front of terrorists and foreign forces. I even have a criticism with you guys. I even have to speak every day about my destiny. A patriot has to provide an cause of on many things, but no person asks Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra about their destiny, what their method. While I talk in prefer of the country, I am accused of doing politics. Why nobody asks them about their policy”. Jai Hind.

Diljit Dosanjh mocked of Kangana Ranaut

Diljit had earlier mocked Kangana’s voice. Dosanjh shared a sound in which he mocked Kangana’s voice by mocking it. In it, he said that Kangana does not digest food without giving her a name. He compares his name to a medicine that Kangana takes several times a day.

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