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Kangana Ranaut calls for President’s rule in West Bengal

Kangana Ranaut twitter account has been suspended due to violence & Kangana Ranaut calls for president's rule in West Bengal see details

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended. Twitter suspends those accounts that violate the rules.In the midst of this news, #KanganaRanaut and #Suspended are trending on Twitter. Earlier, Kangana had made several tweets about the violence in West Bengal.

Kangana Ranaut calls for President’s rule in West Bengal in a tweet “We need super hooliganism to put an end to hooliganism. Please, Modi ji, show your ‘Virat Roop.'” Apart from that, he posted a slew of other offensive and inflammatory tweets. His Facebook and Instagram accounts are active during this period.

She posted a video on Facebook crying after her Twitter account was blocked. She accuses other foreign media outlets, including the BBC, of “conspiracy” in this video. “There is so much violence in Bengal,” he said in this nearly two-minute video. “But BBC World, Telegraph, Time, and Guardians are not covering it.” Is there a plot to destabilise India?” See the video.

Kangana said that while she is a strong supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she is dissatisfied with his approach to Bengal. “You’re going to stay in Bengal,” she said. Why are traitors so frightening to you? “Will the traitors now be in control of the country?” “What are we afraid of when a country needs a president today?” Kangana Ranaut said

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Kangana urged the government to take decisive action as soon as possible over the violence in West Bengal. Kangana constantly discusses her controversial posts on social media.

Kangana Ranaut previously blamed the country’s shortage of medicinal oxygen on cutting down trees and plants and “taking in more oxygen.” She released a statement against the Maharashtra government following the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The central government provided him Category Y protection after his office in Mumbai was demolished. Many people on social media are defending Kangana’s Twitter account suspension. With her inflammatory tweet, he claims Kangana encouraged hate and false news among the public.

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